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Some Tips on How to Dry and Style Your Hair System

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Having all of this newfound hair can be pretty awesome and exhilarating. To be honest, having the chance to wear hairstyles that you haven't worn in years or potentially even decades can make you feel as if you want to try all sorts of crazy stuff, and that's completely natural. Drawing and styling your hair is where most of this activity is going to happen. 

It's really important to properly take care of your hair system because you may be showering every day, every other day, every third day with your hair system. And as you shower and dry and style your hair system, it's going to take a lot of abuse. It's going to be partially responsible for deteriorating your hair system, and it's also part of the determining factor of how long your hair system can last. 

How to Dry Your Hair System

Now, when you come out of the shower, the first thing you have to remember is just running your hands through your hair and shaking it back. And keep in mind, you can't do that with a towel. The reason for that is because hair systems are somewhat fragile. Number one, you don't want to pull your hair out. Number two, you don't want to knot all of your hair. These are enough for us not to want to mess around with our hair by shaking our hands through our hair or even using a towel to do this type of motion. So we are going to pull our towel over our head, then you are going to pull down on the towel and you can press your hands into your scalp in order that you can get rid of a lot of the moisture that comes from showering.


A lot of people want to dry their hair with a blow dryer. It's faster. You can actually add a little bit more style and volume to your hair system, but we don't really recommend using a blow dryer as your first choice. The reason is that number one heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair and hair system. Heat damages people's hair, even if they have a hair system or their regular hair. If you're going to use a hairdryer, though, use a heat-protective spray number to make sure that you are using the cool setting on your hairdryer. Because that will help prevent any damage from happening, and then try to blow all of your hair in one direction. So that way, we're not causing undue tangles inside of your hair system. Remember tangles can really take the life out of your hair system, so avoid having a premature death to your hair system. 

Something About Styling Your Hair

Now let's talk for a second about styling your hair and hair products. One thing that you really want to do as you're using a hair system is making sure as much moisture enters your hair system as possible. So what this means is using leave-in conditioners. Leave-in conditioners will keep your hair moisturizer throughout the day, make sure that it doesn't get dry from dry weather from the sun, from just your daily life, or even from shampooing that can dry out your hair, which is why we condition our hair. 

I use a leave-in conditioner every single day to style my hair, but also to keep it nourished. You can use other products such as gels, paste, pomades. You can use all of these things, but they will take more life out of your unit and it will require cleaning your unit more often because you will need to get these products out of it. Remember the more that we use our hair systems, the more that we put them through, the shorter lifespan that they're going to have. Not just because of losing hair but also losing color. The more chemicals, the more shampoos, and the more things that hair systems are exposed to, the quicker it's going to deteriorate. And if you are someone that needs longevity out of your hair system, be conscious of this and be preventative about your hair system. 

What to Avoid while Sleeping in Your Hair System

Now another problem is that you can lose a lot of hair while you're actually sleeping. Sleeping on a regular pillow can make you lose quite a bit of hair. The reason for this is actually friction. Friction between our hair and friction between the pillowcase. Most pillowcases are a form of linen, which means that they tend to grab onto things pretty easily. There is a way to circumvent all of the hair loss that can happen with sleeping, which is using a silk pillowcase. To do so, a silk pillowcase can save your hair system's life and give a lot more longevity to it.

So once again, in recap, heat can destroy a unit. Tangles, knots can destroy your hair system and make them have shorter lifespans. So when we're drying the hair, make sure that you towel dry at first by simply putting pressure on it and getting the moisture out, and then let it air dry. If you can, or if you need to use a hairdryer, use it on a cool setting that is six to twelve inches away from your head. Then, of course, use a leave-in conditioner. If you want a style that requires a gel or another type of product, make sure that you are taking care of your unit getting that product out on a regular basis. So that way, there's no product to build up, but remember that using more products will shorten the lifespan of your hair system. Lastly, in order to make your hair system lasts as long as possible, consider getting a silk pillowcase. This will prevent friction on your hair system and therefore allow it to last even longer. That's about it when it comes to drying and styling and preserving your youth.


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