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The Way to Dry Your Hair System Correctly

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Drying your hair system is a very important part of your daily hair care routine. Doing it in the right way can protect the hair from tangling, shedding, and can extend its lifespan. Today we will explain how to dry your hair system correctly.

The hair system hair doesnt have natural oil nutrition like your own hair, so it is more prone to be dry. So what we need to do is try your best to seal the moisture of the hair and prevent it from losing. Here are the detailed steps:

Step One: Towel dry the hair system


After you get the hair system shampooed and conditioned, take a towel on a flat surface. Use a wid-tooth comb to comb through the hair and remove tangles if any. After combing it through, the hair is not a mess anymore.

Then lay the hair system on the towel and fold the other half towel over. Starting at one end, roll the towel into a tube shape, pressing out the excess water as you roll. When you’re done, unroll the towel and remove your hair system. Comb through the hair to remove tangles. 

Step Two: Blow Dry the Hair

blow hair

If your hair system is in low density, then you can let it air dry after the first step. If your hair system is in a medium or high density, you can then blow dry the hair.

Before blow drying the hair, apply a thermal protection product to protect the hair from the heat. 

Turn the blow drier on low and cool settings. Blow dry the hair following its hair direction with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Do not rub the hair.

Step Three: Blow Dry the Hair System Base

This step is for lace, mono or silk base units. For a skin or poly unit, you can skip this step. Drying the hair system base is very important. Especially for the 3-layer silk base, please make sure the base is dry completely. Otherwise, it might smell not good when you wear it.

When you blow dry the base, also use low and cool setting. 

Step Four: Style the hair

Using the T-pins, pin your hair system to a Styrofoam head. Then, apply leave-in conditioner and any styling products to the hair. After all of the products are applied, style the hair how you would like. 

These are the detailed steps about how to dry your hair system correctly. If any other questions, please feel free to contact us by



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