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The Tips to Dry Your Hair Toupee Correctly

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After the hair toupee is cleaned and well conditioned, I will then show you how to dry the hair toupee correctly.

I put a clean towel down on a tray or on the countertop. Then I’m going to be utilizing a sculpting brush or a vent brush works well but something where the teeth on the actual brush are on a bit on the wider side and something that has any sort of little plastic coverings on the tips of this because you don't want to rip the hair unit.


What I'm going to do is I'm going to make sure that I'm holding down with light pressure on the base because if you don't you're going to pull the unit whether off the counter or off of the tray. Then I just lightly comb out the hair toupee and if there are any knots all you have to do is working from the ends first because you don't want to try to get knots out from the scalp directly because what happens is you're going to be ripping it out. So you just comb out any knots from the ends and then work your way towards the base.

Then you can let the hair unit just dry naturally on its own or you can blow dry it. If you are going to blow dry this hair toupee I suggest using a good quality dryer but also putting the power or the speed on a lower setting and also the heat on a lower setting because you want to really keep this hair toupee intact and not cause any damage to it.


When you dry the hair toupee, very importantly, please do remember also dry the hair toupee base too. So I'll flip the hair toupee around and I'm going to do the same thing. Before you using the hair system, please make sure it has been totally dried. 

This is pretty much the whole process of drying your hair toupee, hope it can help you in any way. Feel free to contact LaVivid at if any questions or you need any assistance. 


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