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Tips for Dyeing Mens Front Hair Piece in Home Conditions

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Dyeing a mens front hair piece is a tricky task. You have to be extremely accurate in choosing the color so that it perfectly coordinates with your own hair. Dyeing a frontal piece is much harder than dyeing a full-head wig because you have to ensure the new color corresponds to and naturally integrates into the rest of the hair. That's why, you need dedication, accuracy and fine skill to complete the male frontal toupee coloring successfully. 

If you doubt your ability, you are better off addressing a professional stylist or wig expert who will do the job for you correctly. Read on to learn the steps you need to take while coloring a male frontal toupee. 

Step 1. Choose the color

Choosing a hair dye identical to the color of your own hair is not how things work in dyeing a frontal piece. You have to choose a color that is two shades lighter than the hair naturally growing on your scalp. Here's the explanation. The hair that isn't connected to a constant supply of nutrients (follicles) and doesn't grow continuously tends to be more porous. 

The reason is that the hair isn't replaced by a new one over and over and is subject to wear and tear, weather and various styling activities, like brushing and perming. The porous wig fibers absorb dye quickly, acquiring a concentrated color in no time. You have to choose a lighter shade to make sure that the dye fits perfectly your own hair color as soon as the strands soak it up. 

Step 2. Mix the color

Follow the product's guidelines to mix the hair dye and the developer in proper proportions. Use a bowl and a special mixing brush to ensure the two components turn into one. 

Step 3. Apply the dye

Before proceeding with the coloring, wear gloves to prevent the dye from getting onto your skin. Since the male frontal toupee is small, you will not have so much headache as you would with the abundant hair of a full-head wig. You are not recommended to dip the hair piece into the bowl with dye, because you don't want dye to get on the base of the toupee, because it can stain it. 

Your best choice is to dip the soft-bristle brush into the color and run it across the mens front hair piece. Try to spread the color as evenly as possible. If you fail to keep equal proportions on the whole surface of the piece, you can end up with 2 of 3 different shades that will look embarrassing. 

Step 4. Allow time for the dye to take its effect

As you finish applying the color, you have to let it do its job. Guessing is never a good strategy. You are good to consult the guidelines on the product's use to learn the exact time you should wait. 

Step 5. Rinse the piece

Once the dye has done its magic, you can rinse the mens front hair piece with warm water. Make sure the chemical doesn't touch the base. Else, you will get an ugly stain that can be visible if close to the hairline. Don't squeeze the hair and don't rub it with vigor, because it can easily damage the small hair piece. Your best bet is to simply place the toupee under warm tap water and let the water jet force the residue out.

Step 6. Dry the piece

The last step is to dry the hair piece using a soft towel. Instead of toughly rubbing, you are better off embracing the small piece with the towel and press without performing any motions. The towel absorbs the moisture by itself without needing additional rubbing. 


Dyeing a mens front hair piece is not a difficult task, but it requires much responsibility. Some tips that you want to take away from the above guideline include: choosing a color two shades lighter than your own hair, spread the dye with a soft brush evenly, avoid dye's contact with the base, rinse the hair piece with warm water, avoid rubbing while drying. It is also very important to check the instructions on product use to guide you through the entire process.


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