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Tips for Extending Your Hair System Lifespan as Long as Possible

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The lifespan of a hair system depends on two factors and they are hair system base and the hair itself. Different model hair systems have a different lifespan ranging from one month to 12 months. Generally speaking, the thinner the base is, the shorter the lifespan will be. For example, the 0.03mm ultra thin skin is the thinnest base available on the market and it can only last around 2 months. While at the same time, a silk base is almost the thickest base and it can last up to 12 months or even longer.

Different people have their own preferences when choosing a hair system. Some prefer to use the undetectable thin skin base, while others prefer the durable hair units. So how to extend your hair system’s lifespan no matter what base hair system you choose? Read on to find out.

Avoid Friction

Friction is the major factor that kills the lifespan of a hair replacement system. Basically, friction will make the hair matted and tangle, then causing shedding problems. There are a few situations that you might put your hair system into friction.

The first scenario is when you sleep with a hair system on. Never sleep while the hair system hair is still wet. When the hair is wet, it is more likely to tangle and has the tendency to shed. The hair is either knotted or injected into the hair system base. Especially for a lace base, when the hair is wet, the knot is not so strong and might become loose. 

To minimize the friction while sleeping is to use a silk pillow or wear a silk sleep cap. It really works for minimizing the friction to your hair system hair.


Condition the Hair System Sufficiently and Properly

As you might notice the hair system has many different colors on the market ranging from black, brown to blonde or even white colors. So how these colors come? On the market, Indian hair, European hair and Asian hair are mostly used. The original hair doesn’t come in these many colors. So the hair is processed which is bleached and dyed to different colors to meet different people’s needs. Since the hair is processed, so the nutrition of the hair has almost lost and this is why the hair needs extra moisture.

Leave in Conditioner needs to be used on a daily basis while you styling your hair system in the morning. There are many brands of leave in conditioners available on the market.

Wash-out conditioner needs to be used after shampooed during every cleaning. Joico Shampoo and conditioner are proved to work really well for hair systems.


Virgin olive oil is proved to be effective to restore dry hair system hair. You can use olive oil on the hair after shampooed and leave it for at least one hour and then wash it out.


More tips and tricks to extend your hair system’s lifespan are available at LaVivid Hair’s Ecourse. Click this link to get access to our hair replacement training ecourse.


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