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Tips on How to Find Hair Loss Solution at Home

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It is very good for people who suffer from hair loss to find hair loss solutions at home because they may feel embarrassed when they are going to a public area to find doctors for medical treatment for hair loss. Thus, if they can find some solutions, they will be particularly willing to try them at home. 

Since ancient times, hair loss has been a very distressing problem for human beings. Because the progress of human treatment of hair loss is far behind the progress of science and technology, there are a few solutions that can be efficient. Moreover, it seems that money can not solve the problem of hair loss. Otherwise, Amazon president Jeff Bezos should not be in the current situation. 

Although hair loss will not cause serious health problems, it will seriously influence personal images, thus damaging self-esteem and contributing to emotional trauma. In serious cases, it can even lead to depression, which is more common in young men and women. 

Unfortunately, despite a large number of people suffering from hair loss, there is no effective solution. As we all know, hair is derived from stem cells in hair follicles. With aging, the ability of hair follicles to grow is gradually becoming weak, leading to sparse hair, hair loss, and even baldness. 

In recent days, there is a study that finds that the division mode of young hair follicle stem cells and old hair follicle stem cells is not the same. When the old hair follicle stem cells have more asymmetric division and gradually reduce, resulting in sparse hair and hair loss. More importantly, based on these findings, the research team found COL17A1, which is a potential target for recovering hair follicle stem cell division so as to cure hair loss and organ aging. 

Hair follicles are tiny organs from which new hair grows. It is especially crucial for the normal function of hair follicle stem cells (HFSC)  to help new hair grow. Thus, as you can see, the hair follicle stem cells are of great significance. You should pay much attention to them so that you can protect your hair from loss. 

If you are suffering from severe hair loss, you should go to a doctor at no time. Because the longer you delay your medical treatment, the worse your hair will be. If the doctor can offer you a hair loss solution at home, you can try it early. 

First, people who suffer from hair loss can turn to traditional Chinese medicine for help. If you are extremely stressed, which results in despair and in a bad mood, you may discover that your hair disappears gradually or become white. Then you can purchase ophiopogon japonicus, schisandra chinensis, and red ocher which you can put into Xiaoyao San. 

If you are unduly exhausted and occupied with your work, you will feel feeble and lack strength. Thus, you also will suffer from hair loss and you may experience alopecia areata. Then, you can purchase polygala tenuifolia, Poria cocos, prepared rehmannia root, dried rehmannia root, Cortex lycii radicis, ophiopogon japonicus, and sesamum indicum. These Chinese herbal medicines can be mixed to produce a new medicine that can be greatly conducive to you. 

What’s more, except for traditional Chinese medicine, you can also use physical methods at home such as building your body, listening to light music, and practicing yoga. When you get home from work, you can relax your body after a long time of tiredness. At present, a large number of people do not have the habit of doing exercise every day on account of work, focusing on a smartphone, and merely laziness

To sum up, the hair loss solution at home is various and you should be patient to find which one is the best one to suit you. Though hair loss is a kind of disease to some extent, hair loss has different levels of severity. As normal people will lose hair at a range of 60-100, you can decide whether you are severe or not. Thus, you can judge whether you need to go to a doctor. If you are not severe, you can just reduce your stress, listen to music, and do some exercise to reduce your symptom at home. 


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