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How to Choose The Best Fit Hair Toppers for Men?

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Baldness wreaks a man's self-esteem as well as his appearance which makes it necessary to have hair toppers for men. The world has highly valued virility and youthfulness; therefore, hair loss is almost as bad as impotence. Hair is significant even in the religion back from Samson, whose strength was in his hair to Samuel. In the animal kingdom, some animals use their plumage to seduce their mates. Hair loss can be treated in three main ways, through a hair transplant, using hair toppers, or using drugs.

hair loss

Statistics have it that twenty to thirty percent of men above the age of fifty are victims of male baldness. Loss of hair may be as a result of sickness like cancer, some drugs, stress or may be hereditary. Hair transplant is expensive, and medicines might come along with undesirable side effects. Hair wigs are the best remedy for hair loss as compared to the other two options.

Buying a hair topper for men may be embarrassing and tedious. However, wearing a wig should not be uncomfortable as it should help men restore their self-esteem due to hair loss. It may be confusing also but knowing what type of hairpiece you want is significant.

When shopping, you need to know the type of hair to purchase. Hair toppers are either natural human hair or synthetic hair strands. For men who have sensitive skin, a human hair is better compared to synthetic strands, which from acrylic and rayon. Before purchasing a hair system, it is advisable to get advice from a dermatologist for those with sensitive skin.

The next step is measuring the head so that the wig sits comfortably and blends with the natural hair. You need to order two wigs, one to be a backup in case you wear it daily. Another reason for a substitute is to protect it from losing its shine and thinning due to regular cleaning. Let us look at some head cover systems.


Lace base hair system is one of the most common wiglets for men in the market. It is best suited for warm countries. Aesthetically it is the ideal unit to create a realistic appearance and perfect shape. The hairpiece comes in two types, the French lace, and the Swiss HD. The Swiss lace being delicate and soft cannot hold much hair density must be held with caution when wearing it.

The French lace is recommended as the first choice, as it is easier to attach as well as remove. This hair enhancer is much thicker and more robust than the swiss lace. With the French lace, the hairline is not visible. Therefore it is hard to detect whether someone has a hair enhancer.


LaVivid hair system has an ideal length ranging between five and six inches. Depending on an individual's level of maintenance and care, it can last for over two months when attached. The size of the cap measures eight by ten inches, and you can customize it to the required size by trimming. This can meet the needs of people with different hair loss areas

hair toppers for men


This lace is considered the best top-class hair enhancer. The wiglet is also durable, natural on the head top, and cannot be detected when worn. You can style texture can to suit your hair texture from wavy, straight or curly. The base of the monofilament wiglet gives a free-flowing movement.


This lace resembles the skin color of the person wearing it. The hairpiece makes the hair look as f it is growing from the scalp of the person wearing it. The head cover comes in various sizes as well as


Dream beauty men's hair topper comes with double-sided tape. Its softness makes it easy to style, making it one of the best. It measures eight by ten inches, which makes it suitable for most head sizes. The hair system has a length of not less than six inches, which is ideal.


European virgin human hair is thin and soft, which makes it not to shed or tangle. It has a base size of ten by eight inches, which is ideal for most men. It is available in various colors like jet black, off black, and dark brown. The lace has the minimum six inches length, which is neither too long nor too short.

You are sure of getting a head cover that matches your skin color because they come in distinct colors. Human hair has no harm at all to someone's natural look. You can dye the hair system, wash it, or bleach it without causing any damage to your natural hair.

For best hair systems, visit We have the best quality hair for all races that makes you look natural. We highly recommend our customers to use natural hair system, which is free of chemicals to eliminate the tangling problem. The other advantage is that we customize the wiglets to our customer requirements.


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