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Choose The Best Hair Colours And Styles to Suit Your Look

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You want to try out a new look but you are finding it difficult to take your pick from the various hair colours and styles you like. Hairstyling plays a pivotal role in giving you an image makeover and so you must pick the right colour and style that will suit your personality. After all, being a fashion aficionado you do not want to compromise on your looks. This article will shed some light on various types of hairstyles that can ramp up your look and how you can achieve it.

5 Best Hairstyles That Can Give You A Desirable Look

There are innumerable hairstyles doing the rounds in 2020. Starting from a rockstar to business head, boy-next-door to an alpha male, you name it there is an appealing hairstyle for all of these personalities. All you need to do is zero in on one of the hair colours and styles that will enhance your persona.

Some of the top trending hairstyles include:

1. High Skin Fade and Hard Comb Over

This hairstyle will never go out of panache. The high skin fade donning the sides together with a sleek side parting comb over will give you a very attractive look.

2. Low Taper Fade with Wavy Fringe

The dense foliage of hair in the middle and the low faded tapered look at the sides can make the women folks go weak on their knees. The wavy unkempt hair positioned in the middle adds to the allure of the persona.

3. The Faux Mohawk Look

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The Mohawk always provide the men folks with a dynamic look, giving an impression of living off the edge. The Faux Mohawk hairstyle includes a unique burst of spikes in the middle with the sides slightly faded. The entire look will make you stand out of the crowd.

4. Long Textured Hair Slicked Backwards

This hairstyle can give you a gossamer look with a volume of silk-textured hair flipped backwards to convey a casual wave of an alluring aura. This look can give you the appealing charm of a boy-next-door.

5. Quiff with a Beard

There is nothing like spotting a thick quiff with a heavy set beard and denim jackets flipped right across the shoulders. This hairstyle is an absolute visual treat with the voluminous wavy quiff positioned in the middle together with the high faded sides that will give you a glamorous look.

How to Style Yourself with Hairpieces?

There is a possibility that you might not have the required volume of hair to spot your dream hairstyle. You might be currently spotting a bald look but would like to try out a different persona and come out of your regular look. In such scenarios, there are good quality wigs that can come to your rescue. Certain toupees look so real that you will not be able to understand the difference between the real hair and the one that came with the toupee. Lavivid is a reputed wig brand that offers amazing solutions and different hair colours and styles. It can help you get a mesmerizing image makeover like never before with its wide-ranging collection of hair systems.

Here are some of the types of hairpieces which you can try to ramp up your look:

Front Cap Lace Hair System

The wavy and voluminous hair tousled all over in the front cap section will definitely give you the attractive look that you have wanted for so long. It is very light and airy and is perfect to be used during hot summers. Lavivid comes with a wide range of reasonably priced lace hair systems.

Skin Based Hair System

These types of wigs fuse effortlessly with the skin texture so much so that the onlookers will not be able to gauge that it a skin based toupee and not the original turf of hair.

Monofilament Hair System

The monofilament hair system is tough and highly durable. It can sustain better and longer than lace or skin-based hair systems. The short fringes adorning your headspace will give you the desired look of a man who means business and at the same time can have loads of fun.

Silk Based Hair System

The silk-based hair system has been constructed with revolutionary techniques which makes the hairpieces look like real extensions from the scalp. You can spot any type of look with a silk-based hair system, be it high skin faded comb-over, low taper fade with wavy fringe or textured hair slicked backwards to name a few.

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Lavivid has an amazing collection of different kinds of toupees in various vivid colours like brown, auburn, blonde, black, grey to name a few. Lavivid can give you the opportunity to experiment with different hair colours and styles according to your desires.

What are you waiting for? Go get your favourite look and experience the thrill of spotting an appealing hairstyle with a dash of panache.


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