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Ways to Improve Hair Regrowth in Men

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How to improve hair regrowth in men

Hair regrowth in men is the process by which hair lost through thinning grows back. Hair loss in men is the most common health problem almost every man faces in the world. Therefore there is vital to come up with treatment methods that encourage and promote hair regrowth. Many men always find this hair loss to be a harmful condition that reduces their confidence in public, especially in this modern society that associates hair as a sign of good health and youth. However, there are remedies for almost every type of hair loss; hence men should apply them to encourage hair regrowth and prevent hair loss. Below are the ways to promote hair regrowth in men.

Ways to improve hair regrowth in men

Scalp massage

Scalp massage is a practice that encourages hair regrowth, growth of thick hair, and also makes men feel good. This practice can be done even at home hence making it affordable. Scalp massage stimulates the blood vessel beneath the scalp causing them to dilate, therefore increasing blood circulation in the head. Increased blood circulation in the scalp ensures that there is an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients that are required during hair formation hence encouraging hair regrowth. It also helps hair follicles to produce thick hair shafts, therefore, reducing the risk of hair loss.

Healthy and balanced diet

balanced diet

Health and a balanced diet is an essential factor that determines the quality of hair that will be formed by the hair follicle. If the hair follicle is supplied with all essential nutrients and oils, they produce good quality hair, which reduces the chances of falling off. A healthy diet provides all essential nutrients and oils to hair follicles hence encouraging them to keep producing good quality hair. Vitamins help improve blood circulation in the scalp, while proteins are required for the growth of hair. Therefore including different types of foodstuffs like fruit, vegetables, fats, protein, and grain encourage hair regrowth by providing all essential nutrients to hair follicles that are required in hair formation.

Avoiding regular brushing of wet hair

Brushing wet hair frequently increases the chances of injuring the hair. Men are encouraged to brush their hair while it is dry, and if it is possible, hair should not be brushed frequently. However, if the hair must be brushed daily, a wide-toothed comb should be used to avoid injuring the hair. In addition, do not use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair, try to let the hair dry naturally, hot air will cause irreversible damage to the hair, and cause hair loss. You can use a towel to gently dry it and let him dry naturally.

Drinking plenty of clean water

Cells responsible for hair formation require a lot of energy to produce the hair and water as their primary source of energy. Hence drinking a lot of it helps to provide a lot of energy to hair follicle cells, thus encouraging hair regrowth. Water is also a significant component in the hair shaft, therefore, when it lacks water, they dry out and get frizzy, thus increasing the chances of the hair falling out, especially during combing and scratching.

Avoid smoking

Men who are habitual smokers inhale a lot of nicotine, which has an adverse effect on hair growth. Nicotine, which is mainly found in tobacco, reduces blood circulations and hormones in the scalp. This leads to an inadequate supply of essential nutrients that are required during hair formation hence affecting the production of hair. High levels of nicotine in the scalp lead to increased secretion of adrenaline hormone, which increases the level of oil. A lot of oil in the scalp blocks the cells responsible for hair production from accessing fresh air hence stopping the hair production process. Men should avoid smoking to keep the level of nicotine at a low level, therefore, encouraging hair regrowth.

Use of low laser therapy

This is an advanced method of hair treatment that involves the application of a safe form of heat or light in a controlled manner to treat various types of hair loss. It is mostly used to treat men with the genetic kind of hair loss, commonly known as patterning baldness. Laser therapy treatment ensures that there is an adequate supply of nutrients and nutrients to hair follicle cells that are required for the production of hair by increasing the blood circulation in the scalp.

Use of Finasteride pills

Finasteride is an advanced and approved treatment for men with a problem of losing hair through thinning on the scalp or other hair-based parts of the body. This treatment prevents testosterone from breaking down into Dihydrotestosterone (DTH) that causes pattern baldness in men. Finasteride is administered in the form of tablets and is designed for long term use.


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