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How To Keep Your Hair System Soft?

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Silky soft hair that bounces when you run your fingers through them is something everyone imagines. For many people who wear hair systems, it rarely comes true because the idea of running fingers through and bouncing hair or shaking head might loosen the hair system and hair systems don’t stay silky enough either.

There are, however, several ways to keep your hair system feeling soft, silky, and natural-looking for longer. Before we begin, it is vital to discuss why your hair system is no longer silky and soft.

How does Sebum affect your Hair System? 

Sebum is the number one factor that makes hair systems lose their softness and silkiness. Our skin has small sebaceous glands underneath them that produce oils that stay on the skin. These oils moisturize, protect and guard our skin against dirt, bacteria, and harmful chemicals.

The sebum on the scalp is like a natural conditioner meant to keep your hair soft by maintaining the natural oil balance. But when it comes to hair systems, the sebum is just not the same. It needs to be washed out and cleaned regularly to keep the hair system soft and fresh. The best way to get rid of sebum is to wash your hair system regularly just like you’d wash natural hair when they accumulate sebum and smell.

How To Keep Hair System Soft? 


The correct way of shampooing hair systems can eliminate build-up and loosen the hair strands. Ideally, you should wash your hair system with lukewarm water so you don’t damage it with hot water and also clean the build-up that doesn’t come off with cold water.

Over shampooing, hair can also cause the hair system to dry out. Ideally, you should wash the hair system twice every week but if your lifestyle is active and the hair system is exposed to sweat, sebum, dirt, and smells, you should wash it daily. The shampoo you use to wash your hair system also affects the softness of the hair. You should always use shampoos designed specially for hair systems to take care of the hair.

Because these hair strands are no longer attached to someone’s scalp, after a while they begin to look lifeless. Therefore, a hydrating shampoo can revitalize the softness and silkiness of the hair system. 


Because caring for a hair system is quite a lengthy process, you might want to eliminate the conditioning step. The hair system needs an artificial hair conditioner to lock in the moisture and softness that wasn’t there before.

Condition your hair system from top to bottom after every single wash. And make sure you wash out the conditioner completely. If you are using a leave-in conditioner, avoid applying I to the base, as it can make the base oily and itchy.

Leave-in conditioners are better at keeping the hair systems soft and silky as they stay inside the hair and when the hair dries, it keeps them shiny and soft. You can also use vinegar after shampoo to soften the hair.

There are also plenty of hair-care masks and deep-conditioning treatments for hair systems to keep them feeling soft all day long. You can also prepare DIY hair system conditioners at home to make your hair system feel new again.

Use the Correct Brush

A wrong hairbrush can not only damage the hair system and weaken hair knots but also the softness of hair. The right brush for hair systems is extremely important for maintaining the shine and softness of your hair. Boar bristles brushes are better than nylon bristles as they are gentle on the hair and leave an ultra-thin coating of sebum behind on the hair strand that runs through them.

Avoid Damaging Your Hair System

You might be damaging your hair unknowingly by using products that aren’t designed for hair systems or your styling habits could be the reason. Most human hairpieces can be styled the way you want using heat. But just like human hair is damaged due to excessive heat styling, human hair wigs too suffer.

Avoid Hot Styling Tools

If possible, don’t curl or hot air blow dries your hair system regularly. Only do so on a special event or alternative days. The heat dulls the hair strands and they lose their natural shine. Heat can also burn the hair and turn them hard and brittle. Find out how you can style your hair without applying heat. And after washing the hair system, leave it to air dry or use the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight 

Sunlight can cause major damage to the hair strands and affect the appearance of your hair system. The sun dries out the hair and changes the natural color of human hair wigs. You can wear a cap to protect your hair to avoid direct sunlight damage or use UV-resistant hair serums to protect them. It is never too late to bring a hairpiece back to life, all you have to do is avoid doing things that damage your hair system and you’ll begin to notice the hair system getting softer.

Use Less or No Hairspray

Hairsprays are packed with harmful chemicals that can ruin the natural soft texture of human hair and human hair systems. The chemicals used in hairsprays harden hair and brushing hardened hair can be a nightmare. They break too easily; they lose softness and their natural luster. Only use them on special occasions or when it is necessary. Use a little water or wet fingers to style them and let air dry for styling.

Final Word

If you follow the simple tips discussed above and change the habits that are damaging your hair system, keeping the hair system won’t be a challenge anymore. Once you start paying more attention to hair system maintenance and find out what works best for you, your hair system will start coming back to life. Hair systems that receive good care and are maintained tend to last much longer than their average life and look flawless.


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