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How to Make the Men's Front Hairpiece Last More Time?

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A men's front hairpiece is a wonderful tool to fight receding hairline, but its lifespan depends on how you take care of it. A quality wig doesn't mean a long-lasting wig. You also have to maintain it regularly to ensure it deals with your baldness for months to come and even longer. Here is a guideline on how to maintain a frontal toupee. 

Why does men's frontal hairpiece maintenance matter?

Like any other hair system, a frontal piece needs care to last longer. Still, the owners of these small pieces have to pay double as much attention to their maintenance given their fragility. A front toupee is much smaller than a full-head wig, as it aims at covering only the hairline area. Its small size makes it easier to break and tear, which calls for the need to maintain it more carefully and gently. The piece is also subject to tension from brushing and to hair care products that make it messy and require to be immediately removed. 

Use isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt

While many people think that an expensive high-quality toupee is always efficient, they are mistaken. No matter how top quality the piece is, it will fail to do its job on a dirty scalp. If the piece doesn't adhere well to the scalp and its edges get loose, you can tear the fragile hairpiece when you are brushing or playing around with the hair. That's why the first thing you have to do before using a men's front hairpiece is to prepare the ground to ensure good adherence. We recommend you to go with isopropyl alcohol which is invincible in front of any kind of impurities. The alcohol will remove dirt, oil and product residue from your hairline, making it more than ever ready for toupee application. 

Don't sleep with the toupee on

This is rather a precaution that once followed ensures that the front hairpiece will last more. You may be tempted to sleep with the hair system on, avoiding removal efforts, but it will only mean a step closer to the toupee's damage. You are better off removing the piece before sleep because you rub your forehead against the pillow which can tear the hairpiece, cause wrinkles and pull the strands out. Good news? Applying and detaching a frontal toupee is way easier than a wig because it's smaller and allows you to handle it without effort. 

Wash the hair regularly

A men's front hairpiece requires to be washed on regular basis to maintain its appeal and shine. Ideally, you have to wash it every 10 uses. First up, take the hair piece off, but don't do it fast. Snap removal will stretch the fabric so much that it will not resist the tension and tear. Don't forget you deal with a fragile base, not a thick wig base. As you remove the piece, treat it with rubbing alcohol to remove tape or glue residue. Alcohol is good to use before shampoo, because the latter may not deal with the sticky adhesive marks. 

Then, wash the hair system with shampoo and warm water to help it regain its volume and get rid of excess oils. Avoid using hot water as it will damage the hair. Rubbing the piece with vigor is also not recommended, given its fine fabric that easily rips and wrinkles up under intense friction. You better stay safe and massage the hair gently for a couple of minutes to make sure that all grime goes out. 

Use a soft brush

A frontal toupee is typically pre-styled and doesn't accept any shape modification. However, some human hair pieces may be more versatile and allow for more hairstyles. You are recommended to use soft-toothed brushes to not disturb the delicate piece. Tough brushing can cause the thin base to peel away and rip. Also, it can pull out the strands at ease since they are not deeply integrated into the base. You are better off being gentle while brushing the hairline toupee. 


The lifespan of a men's front hairpiece is hugely dependent on its maintenance. Only with good care, it can serve you a lot. Among the steps you can take to keep the piece in a good condition are: using a soft-toothed brush, using isopropyl alcohol to remove product residue, removing the hairpiece before sleep and shampoo washing it on regular basis. 


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