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How to Keep the White Hair Pieces as Before?

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How to know that it's time to wear a hairpiece?

White hairpieces, like any other hair systems, are used for several purposes. Sometimes, men wear wigs just to change their hairstyle, in case their hair cannot be styled the way they want. An example would be a man with straight hair that wants to have a curly hairstyle. While the curler is only a short-term solution, making a straight male hair stay curly every day is almost impossible.

However, the most popular reason people wear hairpieces is hair loss. A person can go through several stages of hair loss, but even at the first stage, where the hair fall occurs at a low pace, you may want to start wearing a wig. If in your opinion, baldness doesn't make you ugly looking, you may leave the idea of wearing a wig behind. If though, the baldness occurs in places that don't look so good bald, such as the crown and front part of the scalp, you may need to buy a hairpiece to make your hair look attractive again.

Tips on maintaining white hairpieces

Maintaining a wig is different than maintaining natural human hair. Here are some tips you need to follow to make sure that your hair system lasts longer and looks beautiful all the time.

1. Use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for wigs

You should never forget that wigs are less resistant than human hair. If you use shampoos for natural hair, their harsh chemicals can damage seriously your wig, especially if it is made of synthetic fiber. This is why, if you want to extend the lifespan of your hair system, you have to use always care products designed for wigs.

2. Don't rub and massage the wig when washing it

When washing the hairpiece avoid rubbing it as you do with your natural hair. Wigs require a gentler approach, as their fibers are not held so firmly in place, and if you pull or rub, you risk to tear out the fibers.

First of all, soak the hairpiece in warm water. Avoid soaking in hot water, as it may distort the shape of fibers. Then you have to apply the shampoo using a wig comb, using gentle up and down motions. After that, rinse the hair system using again the comb while pouring warm water on it. When you finally removed all soap, keep combing for a while to detangle the wig. Then let the hairpiece dry.

3. Let it rest in a safe place

When you let it dry after washing, or remove it from your head before going to sleep, you have to rest the wig in a safe place to ensure that it doesn't get tangled. You are recommended to place it onto a mannequin in an upright position. Moreover, you must cover the wig to prevent dust.

4. Don't use hair dryers

Hair dryers' heat melts the wig's fibers. Avoid drying your hair system using heat-generating devices, instead, let it air dry. Styling with heat is also not recommended. Such appliances as straighteners and curlers will damage the wig if used daily.

5. Avoid styling sprays

Generally, excess styling is not welcome with white hairpieces, especially if they are synthetic. Some products, such as hold sprays and shine sprays damage the texture of fibers, making them easy to tangle and greasy. If you want to be able to style your hairpiece, consider buying a human hair wig, which is more styling-friendly.

6. Let a professional do his job

If you want to style your hairpiece, you are better off taking it to a specialist. Remember that if you cut the wig's hair, it will not grow again, so you risk to spoil its appearance forever. A hairstylist will do the job much better and also he can give you some tips on how to take care of your white hair system properly.

Where to buy quality hair systems?

If you want to buy a durable and natural-looking hair system, you need to choose a reliable store that boasts positive reviews from customers. One of them is, which is praised for its cute and long-lasting hair systems. Throw a look at this page [] to get to know better the supplier and its products.


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