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It's So Easy to Make A Lace Toupee

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How to make a lace toupee, that is a very common question for toupee wearers. Our lives are always colorful and we are prone to getting bored with many things such as our hairstyles. But our fast-paced lives always make us no time to care for our health.

Many people will cause hair loss by so much pressure nowadays. Lace toupees can save them a lot of time in this regard, and the effect is very long-lasting. They also make it easy for them to take care of their natural hair.

If you have the same problem as them, or just want to test your creativity and learn new things, follow the steps I have taken to make a lace toupee.

Lace toupees as a hair replacement fast-moving consumer goods have always been favored by major distributors. It has good breathability and wearing comfort, a short product life cycle, strong liquidity, and other advantages. It has always been the most popular product of foreign trade.

Toupee sewing

Sew the hair mesh over the model's head. The first thing to do is to sew the lace hair in front. This is one of the most important steps to be aware of because making any mistake at this step can ruin your toupee making. When you sew lace, be sure to secure one end with a needle, and then go sew the other end. After sewing the lace, it's the easiest part, sewing the hair! Be careful to start sewing from the bottom, and then go up bit by bit until you can't see the net.

You can see the effect, if you want to make your hair fuller, you can add some clips on both sides and at the rear to achieve the effect, just clip the clips at the root of the hair! If you choose a toupee made of real hair, you can also dye it.

1. Press the side with the elastic band on your hairline, do not let your real hair run out, on the other side lift, spread your hair in the hairnet, so as to avoid unevenness when you are wearing a toupee.

2. After the hair spread on the inside of the toupee lace, just put the uppermost opening on the head without special fixation. Wearing a toupee from front to back, and then adjust it.

There are two size adjustment buckles on the inside and back. There is a cloth strip in the middle of the two buckles. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please adjust the buckles according to the size of your head. Before fixing the hair block to the top of my head, I usually check the lace hair net to see if the color meets my requirements.

Toupee dyeing

How to make a lace toupee also includes hairstyling. If the customer did not have a special request, the toupee must be done an acid treatment. The acid treatment is to kill all bacteria in the toupee and make your toupee more smooth.

Men's hair toupee production is to do the head mold according to the size of the guest or head scalp. According to make the bottom of the net, and then you can make different styles of the net scalp, PU or NPU or double-layer network and so on.

After making a lace, you can tick your hair on it, which is also a different density according to the guest's needs. After you hook all the hair in the lace, you need to glue your toupee, so that you can wear the toupee firmly and comfortably. After gluing the toupee, you can wash, shape, and dry your lace toupee.

The post-treatment is to wash the toupee, use the toupee-specific care solution and soaked the toupee for 15 minutes. You will feel your toupee have a very smooth silk feel after the caring.

I'm just talking broadly about how to make a lace toupee. If you would like to know more about the tutorial, please visit our official website to learn more about the text and video explanations for making toupees. Before making a lace toupee, remember to find out what material is needed. Buying high-end materials instead of inferior ones is also good for your scalp health.

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