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How to Make the Men's Curly Wig More Natural and Fashion?

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Losing your stylish curls is a nightmare, and the only way to restore them is to begin wearing a men's curly wig. The Lavivid collection provides a wide choice of hair systems for all ages, and for all sizes, color and hairstyle preferences. As any other wig, a curly one has certain requirements of how to apply and take care of it, so that the hair does not get tangled, get dry and lose its volume.

What kind of men's curly wig is best?

There are different types of curly hairpiece. Before choosing a wig, you need to take a closer look at its base and know for sure whether you need the wig for daily use or for extended wear. If you intend to remove the wig daily, you are better off wearing a lace base, as it uses a tape for bonding, which is easier to peel off at the end of the working day and does not leave residues after removal.

At the same time, if you want to forget about your baldness for good and intend to wear a curly wig permanently, you are recommended to apply a skin base that works better with adhesive. The adhesive offers a much stronger hold and one application can last from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the humidity level, sunlight exposure and scalp chemistry.

No matter what base do you choose, the wig will look attractively and neither of the bonding systems will betray the secret that you wear a fake hairpiece.

What can I do to make the wig look more natural?

As the majority of hair systems, the curly wig can also be made of two basic materials: synthetic fibers and human hair. The latter is more expensive, but provides a more natural look and removes any doubt that the person might wear an artificial hairpiece. When it comes to the wig made of synthetic fiber, there is an incredibly little chance that someone can notice something unusual, due to the fact that manufacturers have learned these days how to make synthetic wigs look almost identically to the human hair.

So, there is not much difference what material to choose. However, differences exist between the two materials when it comes to maintenance, price and versatility.

Should I go with a curly wig made of human hair or synthetic fiber?

Each material has an edge over its counterpart, so it is up to you which of them to choose. First of all, you must take a look at your budget, as the human hair fiber wig is a lot more expensive than a synthetic one. However, if you use a system made of human hair, you have the chance to dye it, and it looks more natural and soft than artificial hairpieces. At the same time, this material is more exposed to sunlight and heat and takes more time and effort for its maintenance.

Synthetic fiber wigs are perfect for you if you intent to buy a hairpiece on a budget. Also, it is easier to take care of and it does not fall prey so easy to extreme weather events.

How to take care of a curly hair system?

If you already have a curly hairpiece, you need to know how to take care of it in order to prevent it from drying, tangling and decoloring. Lavivid offers a range of maintenance products that help you keep your hairstyle in shape and prolong its lifespan, protecting it from hazards. You are recommended to use a conditioner once a week to moisturize your curly hair, detangling it and making it soft and shining. You can also use the conditioner if the fiber starts to decolor or loses its volume.

If speaking of bonding, you need to remove regularly the wig, dissolve the glue with a solvent, wash the wig and apply a new adhesive to ensure that the holding power does not get weaker in time. When removing the glue, make sure to get rid of the residue that often remains on the base, otherwise, the new layer of glue will not adhere properly. When drying the wet men's curly wig, do not place it next to a heater, as it will distort the wig's shape and lead to its decoloring.


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