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How to Maintain the Men's Short Hair Wig?

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How to fight baldness?

Before buying a men's short hair wig, you need to find out whether there are any other ways of fighting baldness. While some men feel ok with being bald, others feel uncomfortable with their new hairstyle. If you are one of those that are embarrassed walking bald on the street, you can try some methods of treating complete and spot baldness. The most efficient treatment is an iron-rich diet that nourishes and strengthens the follicles that are in charge of offering support to hair fibers and triggering hair growth.

In addition, you can wash your hair with shampoos containing minoxidil, a compound that stimulates the follicles. Coconut oil and onion juice applied on the scalp is also recommended in treating the hair loss. Last but not least, wearing a hairpiece is also a great solution for coping with falling hair.

How to take care of men's short hair wig?

If you have decided to purchase a hairpiece, you have to know that it needs to be taken care of regularly. A wig is less resistant than natural human hair and if you don't maintain it, it will wear down fast. Here are some simple steps you need to follow to prolong the lifespan of your wig.

1. Wash the wig gently

Aggressive rubbing is not the best way to make your hairpiece clean. Wig's fibers are not as stable and strong as human hair fibers. They are easy to pull off, because of which you have to avoid rubbing the hair while washing it. The best way to wash your men's short hair wig is by using a comb. Using warm water instead of hot water is highly important when washing the wig because hot water damages the fibers.

As the wig gets soaked properly, you have to apply shampoo and spread it evenly across the wig using a comb. Rinsing also takes place with the comb's help. Run the comb across the wig up and down until the soap and excess moisture get out. Place the hair system onto a mannequin to let it air dry. Avoid using the hairdryer, as its heat can bend the hair fibers and discolor them.

2. Don't overuse styling products

Straighteners, curlers, hold sprays, shine sprays and other styling products containing harsh chemicals are all harmful for a wig if used in excess. Both heat from straighteners and harsh chemicals from sprays have a negative impact on wig's fibers, leading to their melting, bending, distortion, discoloring and tearing. Especially sensitive are synthetic fibers, so if you want to spend less money on the repeated replacement of your hair system, it would be better for you to choose a human hair wig that is more resistant to styling.

3. Let a professional style your hairpiece

If you decided to adjust the length of your wig or dye it, you need to be extremely careful. While human hair responds more flexibly to dyeing, synthetic hair requires much more effort to regain the color if you make a mistake. The best option for you is to go to a hairstylist to help to style your men's short hair wig properly.

4. Cover your wig when you don't wear it

If you remove the wig often, please consider placing it onto a mannequin and cover it with a cloth to keep dust at bay. Even if you have a short hair wig, resting it on a mannequin is still important, because if you let it folded lie on a surface, it can make its base wrinkly, which will make the application more difficult.

5. Use shampoos designed for wigs

Shampoos and conditioners designed for natural human hair are not quiet recommended with wigs. While the chemicals found in these products don't cause any harm to human hair, wig hair will have to suffer, because it is more sensitive. This is why you have to wash and condition your short hair wig only with products specially designed for wigs that contain less harsh chemicals.

Where to buy short hair wigs?

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