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The Guide to Make A Template for A Partial Hair System

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If you have been wearing a hair system for some time or just started to learn about hair systems, you must have heard of a hair system template. So what is it used for? How to make a template? How does it work? Today we are going to talk about this to make sure you understand how it works when you purchase a hair system.

What Is A Template Used For?

First, we need to understand why we need to make a template. Well, there are two scenarios that you have to have a template.

First, you will need a template to cut the hair system base to exactly match your size. For stock hair systems, they usually come in default sizes of 9’’x11’’, 8’’x10’’, 7’’x9’’, 7’’x10’’, and more. There is a high possibility that these standard sizes will not work for you. So you need to cut the hair system base to your size. This is when the template comes into handy. The template is usually a plastic and foldable item, so when you cut the base, turn the hair system base facing up and put the template onto it. By doing this, you will know how much size you will need. Then you can cut the base against the template. Then you will get an exact matching hair system base.

The second scenario is that if you plan to place a custom order, then a template is needed for the size, base shape and curvature. You can send your template to the distributor you order from and they will make the hair system accordingly.

How to Make A Template 

For making a template, you will need saran wrap, tapes, scissors, and a marker. Simply put, you just need to apply a layer of saran wrap onto the head, hold it tight and then apply two layers of tapes, and then mark the edges to show the size you need. Then you just need to cut along the marker and then you will get a template.

For the detailed tutorial, please refer to the below video:

How to Send In A Template?

To place a custom order with LaVivid hair or if you want us to cut the base for you, you can send in your template to the below address: Stephanie Fu
LaVividHair, 13840 Magnolia Ave Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909)548-3358
*Please enclose a note with your name, email address and phone number on it
. After we receive your template, we will send it to our factory and our factory will process your order accordingly. This process takes around 10 days time.

Any more questions please feel free to contact us by  and our experts will walk you through the whole process.



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