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How to Make A Domestic Toupee?

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If you are suffering from baldness or thinning hair and can't afford surgical hair transplantation, you may want to know how to make a toupee at home. While this task may seem easy at first sight, it is not quite so. You have to be dedicated, patient, and follow the recommended steps to ensure that you do your job right. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to craft a homemade toupee that is as efficient and stylish as a store-bought hairpiece.

How to make a toupee 

Step 1. Preparation

Before starting the process, you need to make sure that you have the following materials at hand

Package of hair

You can buy the hair fibers in any beauty salon or online hairpiece store, such as Lavivid while taking into consideration your needs that include: color, length and style. You are better off to choose real human hair as it is more versatile, more open to styling and durable.

Wig cap

If you are new to hairpieces, you would want to know that a wig cap is a piece of material, imitating human scalp, that is used to attach the hair fibers when creating a wig or a toupee. Try to choose a cap that has the same color as your skin to prevent an ugly contrast and make the toupee as invisible as possible. Also consider to size of the lace to ensure that it coincides with your head size, in case you are completely bald.

Mannequin head and ventilating needle

If a mannequin head is too expensive for you, you can replace it with any round and solid object that imitates the shape of a human head. The ventilating needle will help you hook the hair fibers into the cap.

Step 2. Apply the cap on the head mannequin

First of all, you have to apply the cap onto the doll head. Please consider stretching the lace well to make it is easier to hook the hair fibers later. You can consider applying some tapes to ensure that the lace is secured firmly. Tapes are generally easy to remove and they don't leave dirt or residues.

Step 3. Ventilate the hair

As you finished applying the cap, here comes the most difficult step of how to make a toupee. You have to start ventilating the hair fibers onto the base, using the ventilating needle. You can do it in the two most popular ways: knotting or injection. For knotting, you have to push hair fibers one by one through the base, then pull them out using the needle hook and create a knot. This method allows to create many holes in the base, which will improve the ventilation in hot days.

When you use knotting style, you have to be patient and work out each knot accurately to ensure that each strand of hair stays firmly in place.

When it comes to injection, you have first to insert all hair fibers into the base. Then, you have to flip the base over and cut off the extra hair, adjusting its length to the length of your natural hair, or just making the toupee the length you want, in case you are totally bald. After that, you have to apply some glue to secure the hair. Injection is preferred by many men because it doesn't create knots and the hair gives the impression of growing directly from your scalp.

Advice! Pay attention to hair density

Hair density is an important thing to consider when creating a toupee at home. You may want to inject the hairs randomly as fast as possible, but it will end in a mess, as the hair density of your handmade toupee may not coincide with the density of your natural hair. This is why, before starting, you are better off measuring the density of your hair, and keep this figure in mind when ventilating the hair fibers through the wig cap. In this way, the toupee will blend with your own hair and look natural.  

Step 4. Styling

As you finished the tedious ventilating procedure, you have to cut off the extra lace to adjust it to the size of the bald area. Also, you can consider styling the hair to your necessities and taste. If you are not brilliant at styling, you can go to a professional hairstyler and let him do the job for you.


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