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The Guide to Make Your Hair System Last Longer When There is A Hair Shortage Around the World

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The current world situation about hair systems is that there is a current shortage of hair systems out there and that has posed significant problems for many of us who have not been able to find or acquire the hair systems that we actually want in our specific hair colors and our specific densities. Those that are probably facing the most of this crunch at the beginning were those that have darker hair colors like a 1b because there are so many people using hair systems that actually have this color. Those with lighter colored hair were not feeling the crunch at first and this happened amidst the pandemic. However, it wasn't exactly caused just by the pandemic. It was caused by some issues with the border in North Korea where knotting was getting done for hair systems. This has changed the whole production line over in China which is where most of this hair system industry is being built.

So under this situation how do you actually adapt to this world? How do you adapt to the current situation?  

Take Care of Your Current Unit Well

So how to take care and maintain your current unit if you have a hair system or if you're new to hair systems. So first be gentle with your hair system. This is a product that they do have a finite life span and they can last longer though if you take care of them correctly. Being gentle means many different things. So first we want to make sure that we're not pulling the knots out of the hair system. We would pull them out by aggressively brushing or scratching your unit like if you're constantly doing this that can leave actual patchy areas of your hair system and trust me you don't want that. It's not a good look.

This also means avoiding getting knots inside of your hair system. So, maintain your hair system and take care of it part of this is actually working out the knots that you do get inside of your hair system. What I do this is I run a fine-tooth comb through my hair and I run it through very gently very calmly and as soon as I feel some resistance, I don't pull on the unit because I can actually pull the hair out what I do is I find where there's resistance and then I take my other hand and I slowly work all the hairs out of the fine-toothed comb until I find the knot and when I find the knot I separate it by pulling the actual hairs apart. That way I'm not losing any hair from the base and I can actually break up those knots almost 99 of the time. They start to come undone like that if the knots are continuing and it's a very bad one that's something that you might have to snip a tiny bit of hair. Isolate it and then cut that tiny bit but most of these knots you can get out with a fine-tooth comb. Finding them and then actually breaking them down yourself by your hands and not putting tension at the base of the unit on the knot. Separating the hairs like that is one of the things that you want to do. 

You also want to avoid matting your hair system and one of the biggest ways that you can change how much you get your hair matted is by actually getting a silk pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is a great idea if you're wearing your hair system while sleeping which many of us do not. However, many of us do that including myself. I have a silk pillowcase. I bought one off of amazon. I have one that's pretty cheap and you'll get a lot more life out of your hair system.

The last thing in order to make sure that your unit last as long as possible. Let's talk about the color. The color of your unit is going to change as it oxidizes which is normal. It's part of the process of having a hair system. There are a couple of different things you can do about this. Number one prevent oxidation and use a product like back to natural or another color depositing conditioner that sits in your hair for five to ten minutes and leaves color in your hair to bring it back to its natural state. They're specific to your hair colors and they will rejuvenate your hair system with the proper color. Most hair systems turn red as they oxidize. This will deposit the proper color to counteract that. What happens though if your system starts to actually move in the wrong direction, which is natural to happen, the longer that you wear it, you want to get it re-dyed. This might be something that you want to do every two to three months once the hair color starts changing, you can actually get it re-died to the color that you want which you might want to visit a professional to do for a fee and you'll get way more usage out of your same hair system. Just because the color has changed does not mean the system is dead.

Consider a similar base or density

Many of us are in right now where you can't find your perfect unit in your perfect color and you just don't know what to do. So most online hair systems that are stock come in a specified base density with color options. Now the first thing that you're going to have to look at is changing the actual hair system. What I would recommend is looking for a hair system that has a similar density first. So if you're wearing 100 density with a manufacturer, find something that is either 100 or potentially 90 or potentially 110 something that has some variation even go a little bit higher or a little bit lower but try to stay as similar to the density as possible with hopefully the same base type. If you can't find something with a similar density and a similar base type then you're going to want to look at a different base type. The base type is probably pretty important for you to think about as you're ordering a different unit if you're extremely active, poly or skin is probably not the way for you to go because it is going to be so hot. If you're active, stick to your french lace, stick to your swiss lace, stick to your hybrid units. If you are more sedentary or you don't work out, you pretty much have a lot more range and a lot more options.

Dye a light color unit to your own hair color 

If you cannot find a unit that has a similar density or a similar base type that is workable for you the last thing that you're going to want to consider is actually buying a unit with a completely different hair color. You can go for an edgier look. You're going to want to buy a very light hair system color like as blonde as you can find in a base type that's preferable to you with the proper density but try to find a unit that has extremely blonde hair as blonde as the manufacturer will make it and then go and bring that to a stylist tell them that you want to have either your color matched directly to your hair or go for an edgier look that looks like it's been purposefully dyed and highlighted. This is something that a lot of people do if they're fashionable and it's something that you can consider for the time being make it intentional and purposeful if you have a hair system that is not the right color for you and it's slightly off if it's pretty far off don't settle for that.

Hope that this has given you some strategies to move forward through this strange turbulent time where everything in life is a little bit weird and strange. We can get through this. These are the strategies that I am implementing right now and I suggest that you take a look at it and don't be afraid of getting an edgier look though going with some highlights inside of your head expanding that range of what your hair system can look like. You might actually find a new fashion sense out of it.

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