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The Guide to Pick And Apply Wig Tape

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Wig tape is considered to be a lot more convenient than liquid adhesives when it comes to short-term wear. Many people choose tape because it is easier to apply and remove and implies less residue. However easy to apply it may seem at first sight, though, there is still some skill required to ensure a strong bond with the hair system. Find below a thorough guideline, where you will learn the right steps in a wig tape application, and will get some tips that will help you secure the hairpiece better and acquire a more naturally looking hairline.

Things to look for when choosing a hair system tape

Well, however skilled you are at applying tapes, you are going to fail if you choose the wrong tape. To ensure that you get a strong and lasting bond, you have to pick the type of tape that suits your hairpiece and wig wearing goals best. If you plan on a long-term wear, you need to go with an ultra strong tape that provides a long bonding time, just like this one from Lavivid that allows for a stunning 6-week wear. Of course, if you aim a short-term basis wear, you need to go with a weaker tape to allow for an easier removal.

The type of hair system base is also crucial when buying a wig tape. For example, lace doesn't get along with shiny tapes, because they shine through the lace offering an embarrassing appearance. In this case, you are better off choosing something like this no-shine tape from Lavivid collection that will ensure an invisible and eye-pleasing hairline.

When picking a bonding tape, you should also be aware of your scalp chemistry and condition. If you have a sensitive scalp, you have to opt for a tape that is gentle on skin. This one is a great option for your vulnerable scalp, being hypoallergenic and minimizing skin reaction.

How to apply wig tape

Step 1. Clean the area

A dirty scalp or wig base reduces significantly the hold power provided by the tape. This is why, you are recommended to clean the application area well before sticking the tape. Keep in mind that there are two application areas: base and scalp. So make sure you pay due attention to both. Use alcohol to remove the residue and excess oil from your scalp and hairpiece. Wait for your skin to get dry and proceed with the application.

Step 2. Cut the needed amount of tape pieces

The next step is to remove the tape roll from the case and cut as many pieces of tape as you need to provide a reliably strong bond. If the tape is said to offer an ultra strong bond, you can cut less sections, whereas if you feel that some extra security is necessary, you can cut more pieces and spread them more densely across the base.

Step 3. Remove the first protective band

Once you have prepared the sections, peel off the backing and apply the tape on the base in the place you want to secure. To ensure that no air bubbles are formed between tape and base, we recommend you to start with the top edge of the tape, then keep going with the rest of the tape till you reach the bottom edge.

Step 4. Press down for a stronger hold

Feel free to press down the tape using fingers or any other available tool as you apply it to ensure that it sticks to the base well.

Step 5. Peel off another side

After securing the tape on the base, you have to remove the second protective layer. Once you do so, you have to carefully place the wig on your head. Please ensure that you don't touch the sticky area of the tape with your fingers as it can make the tape dirty and reduce the hold power. For a better bond, you are recommended to press gently the hair system against the scalp after adjusting it in the right position.

All in all, using a hair system tape can save you time, guarantee a strong bond, and offer an amazing undetectable hairline. Still, it will fail to provide these benefits if picked and applied wrongly. This is why, you have to consult a professional or follow the available guidelines to ensure that you choose the right tape and apply it properly.  

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