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The Way to Make You Away From Early Balding

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Early balding is a genetic condition that causes hair loss in both men and women. For young individuals, it can occur in your early 20 and you will notice some hair loss. Most people will cover them with hats, hair units, or look for treatment to prevent further hair loss.

What will be the signs of early balding?

Losing hair while you are young will not only occur one time. It happens differently among many people depending on the cause. The signs to look out for are:

Thinning on your forehead

It is the most common sign of hair loss. You will start to see reduced amount of hair on your forehead. It usually forms a sign like a letter M where the hair is being lost.

early balding

Patchy spots

Some young individuals will get small-sized bald spots. It usually occurs on the scalp. Sometimes you will feel some itchiness before the hair is lost.

Loosening of hair

During the early baldness period, while combing or showering you will notice some hair loss.

The causes of early baldness can be:

Hereditary. It is the most common cause of baldness. It is not a disease but caused by a combination of some genetics and hormones. This is passed on from parent to the child and on attaining a certain age the hair loss will kick in.

Hormonal changes. When you are pregnant, there will be significant hormonal changes in your body. This can cause you to experience temporary or permanent hair loss.

Medical condition. In the times you have an infestation of the ringworms they will cause some patchy hair loss in your head.

Medication. You can be prescribed medication that is going to change the levels of androgens making you lose the hair faster.

Radiotherapy. If this is done on your head then it may affect the growth of hair causing the baldness.

Certain hairstyles. Sometimes you canhave some hairstyles that will pull your hair out causing the baldness. Some products used for the treatment of these hairstyles can damage the hair follicles causing hair loss.

How to prevent early baldness

Various ways can be used to avoid losing hair at an early age. The hereditary baldness however is not preventable you will have to cope with it.

But for the other types, these tips can assist in sorting the issue:

Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles like braids, buns, and ponytails are fixed tightly to your hair. As a result, they will pull put the follicle gland that is responsible for hair growth. With dead follicle glands, you will experience hair loss gradually as try these hairstyles.

Avoid rubbing itching head

When you are feeling an itchy head, you resort to twisting or rubbing your head. This will pull out your hair and as you continue doing it, then you will be losing the hair and this might cause baldness.

Be gentle with your hair

You do not have any other hair. You should always treat your hair gently and carefully. When washing, use natural water and wash it gently. When you are straightening your hair use a wide toothed comb. This brush will ensure that you do not pull out most hair. Cleaning your hair gently will leave it clean and nourished to grow much longer.

Don’t use any treatments

We all want our hair to look curly and cute. In this case you need to avoid hot roller and hot oil treatments as they burn the follicles gland that is responsible for hair growth. If you continue using the hot procedures and curling iron on your hair it may damage the follicle gland and cause permanent hair loss.

Avoid some medication

Some medications will alter the functioning of some hormones in your body. Always ask your doctor for side effects on some medicines. If it can change the androgens then you better stay away from it.

Protect your head

When going for chemotherapy, ask for a cap to cover your head to protect the hair gland and protect you from losing your hair. Also, when working under the scorching sun, wear a hat to protect your hair glands. The sun’s rays can damage the hair follicle glands.


Early baldness is not bad. If you notice it there are ways you can deal with it to prevent any hair loss. For those that are hereditary, you will have to live with this condition.

Hair loss needs to be treated as early as possible. If the above methods do not help you much we recommend that you consult a doctor in time.


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