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Prevent Male Pattern Baldness Naturally

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Male baldness as well as all other things in life is better to tackle it by preventing it in the first place from happening. While it is imposible to prevent it completely in many cases given the genetics of a person that leave him with that predisposition, there are many things you can do to stop losing hair starting from today.


We are what we eat. Eating foods with the appropriate amount of nutrients will not only help you improve your health but also prevent you from losing your hair to some extent. In a study made in 2018, it was found that the Mediterranean diet was a good thing to implement for this purpose. by eating raw vegetables and herbs, the onset of it could be slowed. Equally important as eating these types of foods is meal frequency. The study showed that by eating that diet on a regular basis, meaning over three times a week, the results were even better.

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It is important to note that hair follicles are made up in its majority of a protein called keartin. Given the western diet, most people are deficient in theses nutrient as it was concluded in a experiment made by Trusted Source in 2017 by using a sample of 100 people. That being said, scientists think that increasing the protein intake could reduce the chances of suffering from male baldness. Foods rich in protein include nuts, eggs, peas, beans, fish, dairy low in fat, turkey, and chicken.

VItamin A should also be looked at. This is because it is made up of retinoids which in turn promote hair growth. It also handles the production of sebum and make the scalp more healthy. In such an environment, hair retention is made possible.


The supplement market is growing at an increasing fast rate and there is a reason for that. People are turning to alternative heatlhy way to improve their conditions instead of going to the standard medical treatments. The supplements that first comes to mind is a multivitamin. It is easy to get and it is highly functional not only for male baldness prevention and treatment purposes but also for other health conditions as well. Science has shown that for optimal hair growth and retention, vitamins A, B, C, D are needed as well as selenium, iron, and zinc. Cell turnover should also be looked at and this can be achieved with the aforementioned vitamins and minerals.

Another important vitamin that is sold on its own and can help in hair loss prevention is Vitamin D. If a person is deficient in this vitamin, it can have an increased chances of having alopecia. The recommended daily intake is anywher from 800 to 1000 IU every day. Needless to say, your own body can also produce it from sun exposure.

Other supplements that can help prevent male baldness are biotin, saw palmetto, and ginseng. Biotin, or Vitamin B7 or H, helps with the synthesis of fatty acids in the body. When these are processed, the cycle of hair life is incrased. In the case of saw palmetto, it can help keep levels of testosterone in a healthy level, a study made in 2004, concluded that people taking 200 mgs of saw palmetto had their hair regrown to a higher rate than it would normally grow. While ginseng hasn't been completely shown to prevent hair loss, it is though that it may promote it.

Hair Care Regime

Washing your hair regularly is the first step to prevent it from falling off. This is because cleaness and healthiness are two important factors for this purpose. Shampoo used should be mild.

wash hair

A harsh one can make it dry and in fact cause it to fall. Other products used in a hair care regime are coconut oil and olive oil. In a review of studies made in 2018, it was concluded that coconut oil could help in male baldness prevention by not letting it be harmed from UV light exposure and grooming. Olive oil on its part, can help it prevent from drying and therefore, breakage. As a matter of fact, olive oil should be both taken, as in the Meditteranean diet, and applied diractly to the hair and scalp. The way to use it is to apply a few tablespoons on the hair and let it rest half and hour and then washing it out.

Some people use ponytails and tight braids for comfort or simply improved appearance. These can cause it to pull your hair out and cause unncessary hair loss. Other things that should be avoided are straightening and curling irons and heat stylers. Hair processing should not be taken lightly. Perms and hair color can damage both the hair and scalp. When it comes to male baldnesss, you can prevent it by using alternative treatments such as organic hair dyers. Some components to avoid from having on a product are PPD, peroxide, and ammonia.

Medical Treatments and Medications

Laser therapy is an expensive, yet effective treatment for male baldness prevention. Low-level lasers can make the hair be more dense and thus, look as if there is more of it. This is true for men that have undergone chemotherapy and have genetics that predispose them to it. Platet-rich plasma is the other medical treatment that can be used. This is injected into the scalp and it promotes hair growth. It also helps to recuperate hair when it has already been lost, in a study with 11 participants, recognized that they had 30% more hair growth on those affected areas even after only four sessions. However, it is not a cheap way to tackle hair loss as it can cost up to $1,000 per session.

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In terms of medication, minoxidil is the first line of treatment for hair loss. Other options include Finasteride but is recommended mostly for men under 60. Phenylephrine can also be applied topically to prevent it since it can cause the follicle muscles to contract and make them hard to be pulled out.

If you still can't prevent hair loss after tried several kinds of methods, maybe you can choose a Lavivid human hair replacement system, immediately effective withour harm will restore your confidence and happiness, a better chooice for most men.


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