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The Way to Wash Your Hair System Properly

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Today we are going to talk about how to wash the hair system step by step. You can let your local salon to do this for you, however, learning how to clean your toupee yourself will save you a lot of money.

Before you remove the hair system of your scalp, you need to use Lace Release to help you. For a mesh base, aka lace base, you spray lace release from the hair side of the base onto the places where you know having tapes or glue. This will break the bond and leave as much as glue residue onto your scalp instead of on the system base.

For a skin unit, you start from the back edge of the system and lift it up while you are spraying lace release or C22 solvent and this will also help leave as less glue residue on the base as possible.

So after this step, there will still some glue residue left on the base. So please follow the below steps to get your hair system cleaned.

wash hair system

Step 1: Remove tape or glue residue

Here you will need your solvent and cotton balls. For places where the bond is still hard, you can firstly spray some solvent there and let the bond break a bit. Then use some cotton balls and roll and dab onto the places where there is glue residue. By doing this, the cotton will stick onto the glue residue and then you just need to roll the cotton and then the glue residue will be also removed together with the cotton.

Step 2: Comb the hair system using bristle comb

After the glue residue been removed effectively, wet the hair and use a bristle comb combing through the hair gently and easily. When you comb the hair, be sure to comb following the hair direction.

Step 3: Shampoo the hair system

Get some shampoo and rubbing in your hands and apply onto the hair system both the base side and the hair side. When you do this, just slowly applying it on instead of rubbing the hair. Try not to change the hair direction. Rub the base with shampoo nicely and easily to let it work in.

Step 4: Rinse the hair system

Then turn on the water and rinse the hair system. When you rinse the hair system, let the base facing the faucet and let the water running through it. On the hair side, let the water flow the hair direction. Until all the shampoo is rinsed out, you can move on to the next step.

Step 5: Condition the hair system and rinse again

Apply conditioner onto the hair. Also do not rub the hair crazily. Just gently apply it onto the whole base hair. At the same time, try not to apply any conditioner onto the base because it will make the base slippery and unlikely to stick to tapes.

Let the hair sit with conditioner for about 5 minutes and rinse the conditioner out.

Step 6: Towel dry the hair system

Once shampoo and conditioner are rinsed out, sat the hair system onto a towel and roll it up and let the towel absorb as much water as possible.

Step 7: Blow dry the hair system

Then take your blow drier and set it on low settings and blow dry the base first if you are cleaning a lace base. You can skip this process when you are using a full skin base.

Then pin the hair system onto a mannequin head and blow dry the hair system also into the hairstyle you want.

This is the whole process of clean a hair system and get it ready for a new attachment. If any questions, please feel free to contact us by and we are more than happy to help you out.


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