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How to Remove Adhesive off A Thin Skin Base Hair System

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Liquid adhesive or glue is often used to bond hair replacement systems with a skin base. For thin skin or ultra-thin skin hair systems, it is important to be careful not to tear the skin base when removing the adhesives.

Today I will show you how to remove the adhesive from a thin skin hair system base step by step.


Step One: Soak the Hair System Using Adhesive Solvent

Pour adhesive solvent solution into a small container that is big enough to fit your hair system, preferably with a lid. You don’t want to use a large container because you will need to use more solvent to cover the base. Put your hair system into the adhesive solution with the hair side up so that the hair system base is totally submerged.


Step Two: Let it Soak for up to 24 Hours

Cover the lid and let the hair system soak for at least 10 hours and up to 24 hours. We recommend that you invest in more than one hair system, so that you always have a “back-up hair system” for when your original one is being cleaned.


Step Three: Remove the Adhesive and Clean The Base

After the hair system has soaked for long enough, the adhesive should come off easily from the base. You may need to rub the adhesive gently with the help of running water. 

remove adhesive

Step Four: Shampoo and Condition the Hair

After the adhesive is removed, shampoo the hair and base thoroughly. Wash the hair and then rinse the shampoo out with running water. Then apply conditioner to make the hair softer and help with tangles. Finally, rinse the conditioner thoroughly out of the hair because any left on the base will make the new adhesive unable to stick.


Step Five: Let the Hair System Air Dry

After rinsing the hair system, pat dry with a towel to absorb the water and then place it on a mannequin head to let it air dry. You can use a wide-tooth comb to style the hair before it dries.

One important note about bonding a super thin 0.03mm skin hair system is that you cannot use tape to attach it onto your scalp because tapes can rip the skin base very easily. 

Solvent Product Recommended

For the solvent, we would recommend Walker's C22 solvent, it is specialized for reomve glue or tapes from hair system, and it works really well.

hair system solvent

One drawback of this solvent method is that a long time soak in liquid will loose the knots and it might cause shedding issues. Another way to remove the adhesive is to spray C22 onto the base and use cotton balls to gently roll off the residues.  

If you need assistance on the cleaning process, feel free to contact our experts at and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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