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The Guide to Remove the Glue from Your Scalp

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After the hair system is removed, how to remove the glue residue from the scalp so you will have a super clean head for a reinstallation? Today we are going to talk about the detailed steps:

Apply Adhesive Remover onto the Scalp

After the hair system is removed, there will be a lot of gummy glue residue left on your scalp. First, spray some C22 adhesive remover onto the areas where there is glue residue, and use your fingers to rub the C22 a bit to let it work in. Let it sit for 4-5 minutes and the residue starts to loosen up.

Comb Glue Residue Off


The next step you will need a fine-tooth comb and a paper towel. Use your fine-tooth comb to comb the glue residue from the back to the front and then use the paper towel to wipe it off. When you do this, you need to try your best not to comb the glue residue into your bio hair. If any glue is stuck in your bio hair, you can spray C22 onto the spot and use your fine-tooth comb to comb it off. 

Use Dawn Dish Soap for A First Round of Washing


After most of the glue residue is removed, use Dawn dishwasher to wash your scalp and rinse it. This step needs to be done twice so 99% of the glue residue can be removed effectively.

Shampoo the head

The final step would be shampooing your scalp. A normal shampoo would work. You can do this step in the shower and you can wash your bio hair at the same time. When you do this, use your hand to feel your scalp to see whether there is any residue left, if yes, you can use a little bit of C22 or Dawn to work it off.

The next step would be shaving your scalp and prepare it for a reinstallation of your hair system.

This is how you remove the glue residue from your scalp. This process can be done in a salon, however, it is a very easy process. If you can do this yourself at home, imagine how much money you can save.




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