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Some Tips on How to Remove Liquid Adhesive from A Skin Base

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Today we are going to talk about how to remove liquid adhesive from a poly skin base hair system. The number one step that you're going to do is you're going to help dissolve the liquid adhesive with a solvent. So get yourself a solvent. 

The number one tip that I have for you when using lace or using Polly, and you have liquid adhesive is you want to fill a small tub that you can fit your hair system with the base laying down flat inside. What you're going to do after that is you're going to put some solvent so that it covers the entire base of your hair system. The solvent helps break down the adhesive very nicely. So that way we can get the adhesive off way easier. Now, if you're using the lace, and you have taped it a lot of times, the tape will come right off of the lace. If you put it in the solvent, and you let it sit there for about twenty minutes. If you have a lace unit and you're using liquid adhesive a lot of times, it will dissolve off of the unit itself to lead the liquid adhesive literally dissolve right off of your lace unit, which makes fixing your unit and getting it nice and clean and ready for your installation much easier. 

What if Some Liquid Adhesive Get Stuck inside of Your Lace Unit?

Now, what if you have some liquid adhesive that still stuck inside of your lace unit? Well, that's a great question and it does happen. Sometimes you have two friends that can really help you out in that particular situation. Your first friend that you have is actually a brush like this, you can use a toothbrush or you can use a nail brush like this. What these will allow you to do is gently massage the lace, so that the liquid adhesive can come out before we do that. What we do is we take some liquid dish soap, apply it all over the unit where we have liquidated adhesive stuck inside of the lace. After we apply that and massage the dish soap in, we begin to gently brush our unit with the toothbrush or nailbrush alike. So that way, we are brushing the liquid adhesive away from the lace towards the outside of the unit, and often this will start to roll right off, and we can take it off with our hands.


How to Remove Liquid Adhesive from a Skin Base?

So we've already put this unit in a VAT of solvent, and it's starting to disintegrate some of the adhesives but we have some more adhesive. We're going to begin to spray the solvents on the base of the unit where we have some adhesive. Now one of your best friends, when you're doing this right here, is cotton balls. So what we're going to do is we're going to take some cotton balls and begin wiping down our unit right here. This is actually a little bit easier to do if you have it on a flat surface. What you're going to notice is the cotton ball is going to start sticking to the bottom of the hair system. It's starting to leave little remnants behind, and this is actually your cotton ball picking up the liquid adhesive itself. So this is a very effective way to get the liquid adhesive off. Now we're starting to get like little clumps of cotton off of our hair system, and that means that the liquid adhesive is starting to pick up off of the unit.


How Long does Solvent Soak is Needed?

Now you probably ask yourself how long do you let a hair system sit in the solvent? Actually, twenty minutes will allow the adhesive to break down in that way. It might be frustrating and it might feel like you're doing it wrong, but it's really a matter of patience. If you have patience, all of these skills are really not hard to learn. They just anxiety-producing because it feels like we might be messing something up, we just bought a hair system and we want to look and feel great, and feels like something could be wrong. So eventually you'll need to get a new piece of cotton, and you'll see that when I did that now it's really starting to stick again to it. So you will go through a good amount of cotton balls as you do this right here, and that's okay. Cotton balls are cheap and it's a very, very effective way to get adhesive off your unit right here now. This is not so great to have a method with lace, because the cotton can kind of get stuck in the lace. And that's a good method with the Poly Thin skin because this is something that we can control and we can really get the cotton off of the base of the lace without interfering with the knots. 

Now, something to note is if you do use a lace unit and you are using a liquid adhesive and you are trying to get clean. When you clean the base of your unit, there is a chance that you will lose some hair as you are brushing with the nail brush or your toothbrush. It's possible that you're going to lose some hair that it's coming through the bottom of the unit. This is natural. Don't freak out. It's part of the normal wear and tear of your hair system. So don't worry about it too much. I know we never like to see a lot of hair coming loose from our hair system, but it's just part of the journey. 

Now, how do you know when you have all of your liquid adhesive removed from your hair system? The way that you'll know is when you run a cotton ball over it, there are none of these little stringy things that are staying behind. Now I'm going to spray a little bit more solvent onto this unit, to help me what you're allowed to do. There is no limit to how many solvents you are using, and we're going to begin using another cotton ball. As you get to the edges of your hair system by your hair, you will want to make sure that you're not pulling in the adhesive into your hair. Because then you know it's not the end, we'll have to get it out when we washed the unit, and that just takes a little bit more time, it's not as easy. So, you will know when your unit is one hundred percent clean because it will stop picking up more adhesive. Your cotton balls will stop rolling off of the cotton balls and they'll be left. The other thing that you'll notice is when you put your hand on the hair system right here where you have all of the adhesives, you won't feel sticky. You won't feel tacky once it's completely clean, you'll touch it and there will be no stick whatsoever.


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