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How to Deal With Shine Front Hairline of Poly Units

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This is very interesting. Some people say their front hairline is shine when outdoors while wearing a poly hair system, while other poly toupee wearers don’t have this problem. So this makes me think what on earth is causing the front hairline of a poly hair system to be shine.

I did some research and talked with people who wear poly units, I think it might is caused by these things. The shiness is not from the poly itself but from the way how you attach your front hairline and the bond you use to attach it.

shine hairline

For some tapes, like the walker 1522 clear tape, they do have some shine themselves. So avoid using this kind of tapes will be very helpful. Secondly, when people apply glue onto the head, the glue might go down to your forhead a little bit that causes the shine. Or if the bond is old or the components of the bond are breaking down, it also can cause the shine.

How to get rid of the shiness?

First option is that if you know there is extra glue outside of the edge of your hair system hairline, you can remove it using a cotton swab. Rubbing the place with extra glue with a cotton swab of alcohol and let it sit for 10 seconds to work, then firmly wipe with the cotton swab along the hairline pressing down. When you do this, be very careful so you aren’t getting the alcohol on the poly hairline. You don't want a bunch of it seeping under and into the glue you do want to keep. Putting hairspray on it to take down the stickiness probably makes your hairline shine like a diamond in the sun.

cotton swab

Second option is use a product called NYX Shine Killer. It is a product for girls to cover the shiness when they put on make ups but it does work for covering the shine hairline. Also you need a cotton swab and take a little amount of this and go over the area where it is shine. It works fantastic. It might only work for a day and you just need to use a little bit more in the morning every day.

anti shine

Third option is to use the anti-shine powder. You just need to use this cotton ball and take a little it of powder and apply to the shine place. It also works really well.

anti shine powder

Forth use the No-Shine tape, you can find it on

no shine tape

Give this method a try and you will have a perfect hairline just like below:

poly system

Another factor that can cause the shiness is that the bonding is not working so well and needs to be changed. So you can remove the hair system, clean it and rebond it. Then you will find the shiness is gone. 

If you have came across the same problem, you can try these options to see how it goes. If you run into any problems or issues while wearing a hair system, we welcome you share with us your thoughts and we will do whatever it takes to find you a solution. Contact us at Looking forward to hearing from you


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