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The Way to Restore Your Confidence with A Black Man Weave

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The black man weave is revolutionizing the hair care industry. Also known as a Cranial Prosthesis or Hair System for Men, this item is single-handedly responsible for bolstering the already massive profit margins for an industry that the Mintel Research Group previously valued at $2.56 billion. This includes creating new clients for savvy stylists and suppliers, who dare to learn the skills and provide the products needed to achieve this completely natural look.

Lavivid provides the full hair care system needed for men to achieve a seamlessly fabulous and brilliantly undetectable result. Visit to choose from a variety of styles.

The Effect of Hair Loss

95 percent of men experience male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss can begin as early as in a man's early 20s. However, it may take well into his 50s or 60s for him to lose 50 percent of his hair and for balding to become apparent. Balding can lead to:

Depression, Low Self-esteem, Anti-social Behavior, a Lack of Confidence, and/or not being Considered for Employment or a Promotion.

Taking the realities of perceived attractiveness such as the ones listed above into consideration, it is no surprise that the global market for hair care products accounts for $85.5 billion and is projected to reach $102 billion by the year 2024, according to an August 17, 2018 CNBC report.

The Benefits of a Lavivid Hair System for Men

The installment of a Black Man Weave immediately begins to produce: 1) an improved sense of self, 2) self-confidence and 3) social participation. From the instant the unit is installed, clients begin to project on the outside the person they know themselves to be on the inside. This will help to promote positive effects in their personal and professional lives.

Visit to review our merchandise and services. From the Ordering Guide, select the button marked "Hair Wave & Curls Guide." Here, clients may select from an Afro or Medium Afro Hair System. The rod size of the curl pattern for the Afro is almost 1/8 inch and is described as a tight kink. The rod size of the curl pattern for the Medium Afro is 3/16 inch and is described as a slightly looser afro kink-curl.

Fades, dreadlocks, braids, man buns, lace fronts, or even the installation of full beards are also possible using this technique. Amazing!

How is the Unit Installed

It takes roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours to install the product correctly. No longer than it would usually take you to watch your favorite movie. The bald area is cleansed. If hair loss is at the front of the client's head, then the hairline that will be created is outlined with a marker.

An anti-itch treatment is applied to the bald spot. Followed by an adhesive being placed on the same area. The weave is positioned on top of the adhesive. A blow dryer is utilized to ensure that the item is securely in place and will not move. Then the unit is cut, trimmed, and/or faded into the client's desired style.

Additional hair fibers may be added to ensure that the client's hairline is well-defined and filled in. Finally, other products can then be added to ensure sheen and hold. Clients are asked to put on a protective wave cap or du-rag, prior to going to bed at night and to wear a shower cap when taking a bath.

Clients are further instructed not to get their hair wet. This includes not washing their hair, as it may remove the glue and/or ruin the style. The installation lasts for approximately three months. At the end of this period, the client should return to his stylist to remove the hair system. The product will be washed and can be reinstalled.

How much does the Product Installation Cost?

Costs vary from one stylist to another. However, the going rate for an installation, which includes the price of the unit, ranges from $270 to $800 for a customized hair system. After three months, the charge for an appointment to maintain the unit is $150. This fee also varies from stylist to stylist.

How to Locate a Stylist in your Area

You can find a stylist near you by visiting the Lavivid website, at On the Menu Bar, select "Salon Pros" and then choose the phrase "Partner Salons." A list of stylists can be found on this page.

If you are a stylist and would like to inquire about becoming a Partner Salon, on the Menu Bar, once again select "Salon Pros" and then choose the phrase "Collaboration Opportunities." You should then enter your first and last name, email address, and message. Hit the "Send" button to complete the task.

If you would like to start this business, but do not have any training with installing a Black Man Weave, Lavivid provides classes and a business start-up package to assist you with the effective unveiling of your company. Send an email from the "Collaboration Opportunities" page, stating your interest in creating a start-up company. Remember to list your first and last name, along with your email address.

You now have all the information you need to know to restore your confidence or to assist others with improving their confidence through the gift of installing a Black Man Weave.


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