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The Guide to Safely Secure A Stick-On Toupee and What Are Its Benefits?

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Hair is an incredibly important part of a lot of men and their personalities. So, it makes complete sense that losing hair would cause most of the men their confidence and self-esteem while severely affecting their everyday lives. Since hair fall can be a reason for a lot of underlying conditions, it can be hard to figure out if it's seasonal or if you are suffering from male pattern baldness.  

Is Hair Loss Normal? 

Almost 40% of the male population have hair fall issues that indicate male pattern baldness. The symptoms start the general thinning of your hair from the back, proceed to thin the crown, and finally a receded hairline. When the bald spot from the front and end meets, it gives an impression of a U-shaped horseshoe pattern. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before you go bald.


Apart from that, hair loss can also occur due to various reasons like a stressful routine, anxiety, any traumatic experience, or sometimes even a side effect of some prescription medicines. If you ever feel like your hair is falling too much and you cannot think of anything that might be causing it, you should consult a specialist or a doctor to make sure that it is not something dangerous and chronic.  


But whatever the underlying reason behind your hair loss might be, the best and the most successful treatment for hair loss out there is hair replacement systems that include wigs, stick toupee, and hairpieces.


What Do You Need to Secure A Toupee on Your Head? 

Wearing a toupee or a hairpiece is among the most common ways to hide bald patches and thinning hair. A toupee will not only hide your shortcomings but will also provide you with a fresh and youthful look that will make you seem at least 5 to 10 years younger than your actual age. To create a perfectly natural appearance, you need to place the perfectly sized toupee on your head and secure it properly. In general, there are a lot of common ways that are being used to attach the toupee but using an adhesive, tape, and a band is the most used one among all.


Even though wearing a toupee sounds extremely easy, you still have to make sure that you use some adhesive or tape to secure it properly if you want to carry it all day long. You can't just put it on your head and expect it to stay there without budging. The more neatly you put it on, the more realistic and undetectable it will be.


Advantages of Wearing A Toupee 

Even though there are a lot of advantages of wearing a hairpiece or a toupee, the most common ones are:


· This solution is more affordable and environmentally friendly than any other treatments out there, for example, a hair transplant or medication. Hair replacement systems provide you with an efficient way of getting ahead filled with luscious thick hair.


· These hairpieces come in a wide variety of different styles and sizes. If you still want a more personalized option, you can easily get it customized according to your preferences and needs.


· Most of the toupee's base material is very thin, which makes it breathable and a healthy option for your scalp.  


How to Use A Stick-On Toupee? 

The process of wearing a toupee starts with selecting your toupee's perfect size according to your head. After that, you start looking for an adhesive or a tape, which depends on how often you want to take it off. The weakest adhesive or tape will hold your hairpiece for a maximum of 24 hours, while the strongest ones last you weeks. It is essential to know exactly what you want before you invest in a hairpiece.


After that, you place it on a wig stand to ensure that the form is not deformed or crumbled when you're putting tape or adhesive on it. Ensure that there is no adhesive left on it, and if it does, ensure that you clean it off before starting the process.


After completing the above process, put on your selected tape on the toupee. Usually, this tape is a double-sided tape, and it can be attached to the toupee and the scalp simultaneously. While you're at it, the next step will be to moisten the scalp with a little bit of water and then gently position and adjust the hairpiece according to your liking. After you are done, lightly press on it for a few seconds to make sure that it is secured safely on your head.


The most significant advantage of using stick on toupee is that they provide an undetectable and realistic look while also offering long-lasting durability. Some people also prefer using a mixture of tape and glue, but that all depends on what provides you with more comfort.


If you are looking for a high-quality modern stick on toupee, the best place for you is to visit Lavivid. We offer you a large variety of different kinds of toupees while also providing you with the best tapes, adhesives, and bands that will increase durability and give you an outstanding appearance.  


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