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Tips on How to Sell Wigs for Men in Canada

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Wigs for men in Canada have become one of the biggest markets in recent two years. More and more foreign trade e-commerce have transferred their business to wigs. According to statistics, the baldness rate among men in many countries in Europe and America is about 35%. Among them, the rate of baldness in Germany, France, Britain, the United States, and Canada is more than 35%. 

In addition to the high rate of baldness, the European and Canadian people are keen on various parties and fashion shows, so they have high standards on hairstyles. In addition, because of the large population of Africans in Canada, they have large needs for wigs too. Hence, the market demand for wigs is very huge, especially in Europe and Canada. Therefore, there is a large market for trading companies to do wig trades. 

Canada has always been one of the largest export markets of China's wig industry. According to the customs data in March 2013, the Canadian market accounts for 40% of China's wig export market, and there are many Chinese exporters, so the competition is very fierce! 

The consumer group of high-end wigs for men in Canada is mainly white, and the low-end hair consumer group is black, and they are relatively few. There are many types of high-end hair, such as spring, hair cover, and many subdivisions such as regular hair and original hair. 

For example, after analyzing the search volume of the keyword "virgin Remy hair" recently, I found that Mississippi has the largest search volume in the United States, and the search volume of its related keyword "Indian Remy hair" is also very large, and the search trend of "Brazilian Hair" is increasing too. 

Market choice 

What should wig trade mall do? The preferred choice is to select the sales target product range. Because a large number of companies rush into the wig market, the quality of wig foreign trade is uneven. 

The market is now divided into three grades according to the quality of wigs: high, medium, and low. To be a high-end market, there are more funds to invest; The low-level poor rating rate is very high, it is more suitable for wholesale, and the demand is also huge. Therefore, if you want to choose, the best way to have funded is to do high-end or start from the middle.

In addition to the quality of the source of wigs, we should pay attention to the countries that are put into the market. Although the rate of appreciation abroad is high, the preferences of each country are different. Americans have high-quality requirements for wigs, black people like big waves, Jews like Indian hair, etc. When doing a trade of wigs for men in Canada, you can first study these. 

How to build foreign trade website for wig 

You don’t have to worry too much about foreign trade website construction. Now there are many high-quality station building service providers such as Zhongheng world that can provide foreign trade station building services. Or you can buy website mall templates such as Imcart. Most of the service providers have rich experience in building stations. 

The key to choose service providers is to fit the Canadian website style, which can be quite different from China’s websites, like whether the background system is complete, preferably in Chinese; whether the website supports a variety of payment systems and logistics functions. Besides these, it also depends on whether the service provider is enthusiastic, which is the guarantee of the follow-up service. 

How to promote the marketing of wig foreign trade 

Promotion is one of the biggest problems for foreign trade e-commerce. Under the premise of a well-built station, only promotion can be carried out. The scope of wigs for men in Canada is very wide: the paid ones are SEM and EDM (the former is more expensive, the latter is economical and affordable). 

There are various community platforms and external chains of forums, like forum marketing, blog marketing, email marketing, Twitter marketing, Google AdWord, etc., so long as the method is appropriate, it can usually have good results. 

It is difficult to promote the website at the initial stage. In the case of fewer customers, we should do more fine and fine, and start from the details. In addition to developing new users and improving the brand image of foreign trade malls, we should also pay attention to improving the secondary purchase rate of the mall. 

For example, do promotional activities, old users can have discount discounts. The system of the website has the function of promoting wig marketing, for example, Imcart can set up promotion activities, which is more convenient to use.

Of course, the above content only provides a direction, no matter what products of foreign trade mall, there is a lot to learn. 


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