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Tips on How to Shave Your Head for Wearing A Hair System

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For people who have experience with hair systems, shaving the head can be very easy. However, for beginners wearers, they might don’t know how to do that to make sure the area been shaved matches the hair system. This article will show you how to do that step by step. 

It is better than if you have your template when you do this process. Also, this template matches your hair system base quite well. Now the question is, how do you go about actually cutting your hair too? If you're going to do everything from home, how do you shave your head to match this area, so that way you can install a hair system that perfectly matches your template? 

Mark the Edge of the Area You Are Going to Shave

Well, we can actually use this template to help us shape our heads now. The way that we're going to do that is quite simple. Actually, we're going to use that temple we just made and what I like to do is to put some tape at the front right at the front hairline now. Automatically, you know for a fact that if you have any hair right here, you may not. I did not have any hair in my front region right here. I had lost it all so I didn't have to do any shaving before. But in order to get that template perfectly lined up with a little bit of tape to hold this in place which I highly recommend, you may need to shave a little bit of your frontal region. It's scary I know, but you'll get through it and it's your first step towards actually making this happen. You're about to shave this entire region so just clean and clear. Then apply some tape to the bottom of the unit into the front of your forehead right here. Once it's in place, what you're basically going to do is to take an electric razor and begin simply outlining your template that you would just create. You're going to have to do this by having a mirror in one hand and having the electric razor in the other. 

A Great Tip for Not Making Mistakes during Shaving

What I recommend you to do is when you are about to cut into your hair, have your electric razor off and then as soon as it in place, turn it on. And the reason for that is that you get it lined up and you actually cut the hair and then turn it back off again. So that way, you're not making any mistakes. You will not shave any hair that you didn't want to shave. It's happened to me before, and it's not a fun thing, so turn it back off, move it into the proper place by using your mirror in your electric razor. Turn it back on again, shave it and keep on going all the way around your entire unit. Now, by that time you are going to have a line around your template and this is going to be the area that you shave off. So from there you can do most of that with an electric razor, you can shave all of your hair underneath the template you can. 

Shave the Hair

Take the template off, and then begin shaving all of the hair. Just use your mirror as your guide for the edges of hair loss. I actually like to take a straight edge razor or a blade razor if you will and I like to come over to the sides slowly lining up in position, and then slowly come towards the edge of where I am shaving my head. The reason I like to do it is that it's very precise and I can control it much more than an electric razor. So if you don't feel comfortable using the electric razor near the hair that you want to keep, shave the middle with the electric razor. And then come in with a bladed razor and use your mirror to line it up and then come in and shaved at last little half an inch or an eighth of an inch. I guarantee you're going to have great results. You're not going to mess up. 

It's going to feel a little awkward at first because you've never done it before and you're working kind of behind your head sometimes, but I guarantee you that after the first couple of times, it becomes much easier. It becomes second nature and it's not something that you're going to be afraid of doing. 


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