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How to Store The Wig to Maintain It for A Long Time

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It is good that you know how to store wigs if you wish to get value for your money. By maintaining and storing your wigs properly you will ensure that they last longer. If you have many wigs then you must know how you can store them well to prevent any damages.

Below are some of the ways on how you can store your wigs properly.

Cleaning your wigs

Before you store your wigs, even if they are synthetic or human hair wigs, you must ensure that you clean them thoroughly and also dry them. One of the reasons why you might wish to dry your wigs is to maintain their shape and prevent an attack from molds.

Storage condition

Direct exposure to heat and sunlight for long hours can damage your wigs. This is because these conditions can weaken the hair fiber and also decolorize your wigs, some types of the base will be weakened due to high temperature. Therefore, it is good that you store them in cool and dry conditions if you do not want to damage them.

You can use your bedroom cabinets

You can use your bedroom cabinets for storing your wigs so that pets and young children cannot access them. These cabinets may be cool and dry therefore best for storing your wigs. You will also find it easier when you are looking for your wigs.

Long term storage

Mannequin heads and wig stands are some of the best equipment which you can use if you wish to store your wigs for the long term. If you do not have a large space that can accommodate many wigs stands, then you can buy either 1 or 2 stands which you can use to store the wigs that you use regularly. This equipment can assist in maintaining the structure and shapes of your wigs.

You can arrange your wigs according to their length, color and style so that you can easily find them.

It is also possible for you to arrange your wigs according to seasons or occasions.

Short term storage

i) Original package

Sometimes when you are buying your wigs they may come with a plastic bag that may be labeled. This can a good idea especially if you like to change your wigs frequently. The good thing with these packages is that they have a special design which can assist you to keep your wigs in good shape. Therefore, after cleaning your wigs, you can comb their fibers and then store them in their original boxes. These will not only keep the shape of your wigs but will also save a lot of space in your closet since you can stack the packages together.

ii) Using a plastic zipper bag

In case your wigs did not come with bags or the packages are damaged, you should not worry since there is a solution for you. You can use a small plastic zipper bag. Ensure you carefully insert your wig inside and then close it about three-quarters after you have pressed all air out. You can add a dryer sheet to minimize the build-up of static electricity inside the bag.

After that, you can keep your bags in a large storage bin but you must avoid putting heavy items on top of it.

iii) Silk line wig bag

This is also another option that you can adopt when you are storing your wigs. In case you do not have enough space to place wig stands then these bags can be a good option for you. These bags have silk components which are good for your wigs. This is because wigs assist in reducing breakage, frizz and can also maintain the moisture of your hair wigs.

When you store your wigs properly, they will continue to look good just like the day you brought them. You should store your wigs if you are not using them to minimize frizz and tangles. If you have spent a lot of money in buying your wigs, it is worth for you to invest in proper and high-quality storage materials. Through this guide, you will have an idea of how you can store your wigs properly. If you wish to get more ideas about wigs storage then you can search at our site [] . We also have some of the wig storage equipment, just try looking for them at our site.


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