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Tips on Taking off Your Hair System

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Well, one of the first steps to actually get your maintenance underway is really to take off your hair system. But you never want to just directly rip off your hair system because you never know if you might pull out some hair or damage the Poly, or there are a million different things that could happen. You want to be very, very careful with how you take your hair system off your actual head, no matter how loose it is now.

What we use to take our hair system off our head in a very calm and effective way that doesn't damage it is that we use something called a solvent. A solvent is something that breaks down the adhesive's bond to our scalp. This is really important because it softens the bond and makes sure that nothing is getting damaged. We don't damage our scalp. We don't damage our hair system. In that way, we can have our hair system living and well for longer. It can save longevity out of your hair system, so here's what you're going to do. It's a very easy process to do this, but it takes some time. The more time that you allow for this process to go on, the gentler it is going to be on the hair system.

Now there're two ways that you can do it from the front or from the back. A lot of people like to do it from the back of the hair system. Personally, I prefer to do this whole process from the front of the hair system, and the reason why I like to do it from the front is that I can see the hair system coming up. I can control it a little bit better, and I can be more gentle on it. So what I do when I'm trying to take out my hair system is I kind of push up my bangs, and I put a little bit of tension on the front. 

When you see the front of this unit is coming up a little bit, then you put a little tension on it and then you just spray a little bit of solvent of your choice, and there's many out there and what you do is you just gently apply a little bit of pressure and spray a little bit more. What this does is breaks down your adhesive on your unit so that way your scalp and the bond on your hair system start breaking. You can see this is coming off on your hair system on your head. It might be a little bit harder, or maybe a little bit stickier.  It depends on how great a bond you had and how long it's been for that situation. You may need to wait a little bit longer and let it work, and maybe even for a minute or so. That's OK, the longer that you let it work, the easier it is going to be for you to take it off of your head. You can also use this scalp cleaner to get any hairs that are stuck in the adhesive down below. 

This is actually a very simple process and it doesn't take a lot of time. The solvent really does do the trick and makes it come off very, very easy. There is a note, though. Actually, we are completely removed from the scalp and this is what it's going to look like. You're going to see the tape and the tape might be degraded, a little bit discolored, and if you see discoloration on your tape, that's generally because sweat and oils which are coming out of your skin are now trapped inside of the adhesive. That's totally normal and something that you'll come to expect. 

There are a couple of different types of solvents out there. Some are more harsh than others, and something to note is if you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to go for one that is less chemically strong if you will. Because it can cause a rash, it can cause redness and your skin if you do have a sensitive scalp, if that's the case, get one that is a little bit softer on your skin. And if you want, you can get a stronger solvent to use on the base of your units.


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