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The Way to Cure The Hair Loss in Men at Home

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Hair loss treatment for men at home

Hair loss treatment in men at home is one of the best ways of solving hair loss problems facing many men around the world. There are many causes of hair loss in men, which include medications, mineral deficiency, diet, genetics, etc. This condition causes different experiences to each man; the majority of them consider it harmful because it causes depression, reduces their confidence, and can even cause depression and anxiety to some men. Therefore making treatment of this condition to be an essential practice in men; however, some therapy is costly to some men hence, making home treating for this condition the only option. Below is some hair loss treatment for men at home.

Hair loss treatment for men at home

Scalp massage

Scalp massage is a practice that usually done at home to make an individual feel good. However, it is an essential practice that helps to restore hair regrowth and preventing hair loss. Scalp massage improves blood circulation beneath the scalp by stimulating blood vessels to dilate hence increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Increased supply of nutrients ensures the hair follicle cells have every element necessary for producing thick and healthy hair. Scalp massage is a practice that can be done as hair loss treatment at home; hence men suffering from hair loss can adopt it as a method of hair loss treatment for men at home. Scalp massage can be done in the following ways;

•Through the traditional way, which involves applying a medium pressure on to the scalp using fingertips while moving them in small circles across the scalp until all areas are covered.

•Massaging the scalp while washing hair, which involves using fingertips to massage shampoo into the hair for five minutes.

•Using brushes and massage tools such as rubber massagers to massage the scalp

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet

 balanced diet

Food varieties play a significant role in determining the thickness and quality of hair the hair follicles cells will produce. A healthy diet provides essential nutrients and oils to the cells responsible for hair growth hence encouraging the production of thick and healthy hair. Achieving a balanced diet can be done through including the following in the diet ;

•Fruits –this is an excellent source of nutrients that are required by hair follicles in the production of hair.

•Vegetables- they provide essential minerals and vitamins that are required during hair formation. Minerals and vitamins can help you maintain a healthy body and help the growth of new hair.

•Proteins – they mainly found in meat, fish, pork, beans, and chicken.protein are responsible for growth in the body hence making them an essential element in the process of hair growth.

Taking a balanced diet is an effective method of hair treatment in men at home because it encourages the growth of quality hair

Rubbing green tea into the hair

Recent research has proven that polyphenolic compounds that are found in green tea have a remedy for hair loss. In this method, two bags of tea are brewed in one cup of water, and then it is applied to the hair. This reduces hair loss in men, but the result is usually seen after the practice is repeated regularly for seven to ten days. This practice can be the right way of hair treatment for men at home.

Avoiding brushing wet hair regularly

Hair is in its weakest state when it is wet, hence brushing it frequently when it is wet increases the rate of injuring it or falling. Hair should be comber while it is dry, but also it should not be done frequently. If it is am must one to comb his hair daily, he should use a wide-toothed comb to avoid injuring the hair. Instead of using a comb or a brush to undo tangles, men should use their fingers; this reduces the risk of hair breakage. It is also crucial for men to wear hair at home to improve their comfort at home.

Rubbing onion juice, Garlic juice or Ginger juice

Garlic juice, onion juice, or ginger juice are also known to have a remedy for hair loss. One of these juices is rubbed in the scalp, and it is left overnight. The result of this method of hair loss treatment for men at home is seen after it is done regularly for a week.

Drinking plenty of water

Water is among the significant components in the hair shaft, therefore lacking water or dehydration much encourages a loss of air in men. Water is also the primary source of energy to cells that are responsible for hair growth; therefore, drinking a lot of water greatly helps in hair formation. When hair shafts lack water, they dry out and get frizzy hence exposing it to the risk of breaking during combing; therefore, men should drink plenty of water as a way of hair loss treatment for men at home to encourage hair regrowth and reduce hair loss.


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