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Some Useful Suggestions on Treating Men’s Hair Loss

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How to treat men’s hair loss? As we all know, hair loss among people is becoming serious day by day. So it is really a trouble that bothers men in their daily life and work. In order to improve this matter, we should first know some common causes of it, and then this article will provide some useful suggestions for people who have the same problem. 

To begin with, we should know why people lose their hair. In fact, the growth of hair is cyclical, which means that hair will grow but after a certain period it will eventually lose, and that a normal and natural process. 

Normal people generally have about 100,000 hairs, and the amount of hair loss per day is about 100. At the same time, the same number of hairs are growing. If there is more hair loss but less growth, the problem of hair loss will occur. 

There are many causes of men’s hair loss. For instance, some of them may have a bad skin condition, so the growth environment of their hairs is not suitable. 

Besides, this problem also has a connection with hereditary factors, like the androgen level in their bodies. And if their parents or grandparents had suffered from this problem, their chances of having it will be greater because most male hair loss has a family history. 

Another reason for this disease may be their irregular and unhealthy diet and daily routine. Some of them are spicy food lovers and they like to eat greasy and fried food. Some may be night owls and often have anxiety because of the increasing living pressure in this society. All of these will do harm to their body health as well as their hair growth. 

Now that we have learned about some common causes of this disease, what can men do to make this issue better? Here are some useful suggestions that can answer the question of how to treat men’s hair loss.


1. Carefully choose a suitable shampoo.

We should make sure that we know clearly the type of our hair before we buy ourselves shampoo. There are three common types of our hair, namely oily, dry and normal hair. And there are various types of shampoo that we can choose from in the supermarket or online. 

So we should choose the most suitable kind of shampoo for our hair. If our hair is too dry, we can choose the moisturizing one to nourish our hair. If our hair belongs to the oily type, then make sure the shampoo we use contains oil control ingredients. If we stick to the suitable shampoo, we will find that out hair quality will improve gradually. 

2. Adhere to the correct shampoo habits

How we wash our hair is also of crucial importance, so we should form correct shampoo habits in order to make our hair in a good condition. 

When washing our hair, remember not to directly apply the shampoo to our scalp because the chemical material is really harmful to our scalp. Instead, we should fully lather it and then gently apply it to our hair but not our scalp. Besides, don’t use too much shampoo at once so that it is easier for us to clean those chemical residues of our shampoo. 

3. Develop a healthy eating habit and stop staying up late

As we have mentioned before, the occurrence of hair loss is also closely related to our eating and sleeping habit. Unhealthy and irregular habits will do our hair no good. So it is important for us to develop a healthy eating habit as well as adjust our sleeping time. 

In order to have better hair quality and reduce hair loss. We should develop a balanced diet and eat more healthy food, like vegetables and fruits. Also, we should eat less spicy or greasy food. Only if we eat correctly and healthily can our food provide enough nutrients for our body. At the same time, we should go to bed early and try not to stay up late, so our body can have a good rest. 

These are some pieces of advice concerning how to treat men’s hair loss. Hopefully, they can provide some help to those who suffer from this problem.


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