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Tips for Treating Your Thinning Hair in the Best Way

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There is a condition associated with rapidly growing hair loss or thinning hair in men. The condition is known as androgenic alopecia. A more common name for it is male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is the most commonly found hair loss condition in men. According to research statistics, more than 50% of the male population suffers from androgenic alopecia by the age of 60. This is a genetically transferred condition that causes your hair to thin out on the sides and top of your head, as well as a receding hairline. There is no specific age for the condition to get triggered. It could start as early as the teen years or well into your thirties. 


What is the Reason Behind Baldness?


Pattern baldness relies greatly on genetics. The chances are almost doubled when the condition exists on the maternal side of the family. The condition is transferred through genetics and isn't always triggered. There is, however, evidence of baldness running in most members of a family.

Androgenic alopecia causes an imbalance in a specific hormone known as androgen. This hormone has many purposes, including regulating hair growth. Any overproduction of these hormones causes damage to the hair follicles resulting in hair loss or weak hair fibres.

While this is a cause of no serious concern, people should still see a doctor at least once to confirm the condition. Genetic pattern baldness doesn't have any adverse effects; however, the baldness could be caused by other serious medical conditions such as cancer, wrong medicines, or steroids. This requires serious attention when there is any rash, peeling skin, pain, or redness, along with hair loss. There are many men's hair thinning solutions that can help you deal with your thinning hair.


How to Treat Male Pattern Baldness


While there might not be any permanent cure to hair loss and baldness, the condition can certainly be slowed down or covered up. Men have been dealing with hair loss problems for centuries, and with that comes many natural remedies, researches, and solutions for thinning hair. Some things that you can try to cover any minor hair loss are;

1. Styling your hair differently.

Styling your hair in a way that covers up any signs of hair loss is a good trick. You can slick it back to cover a bald spot on the top of your head. Or you could wear it in a drooping style to hide any receding hairline. Tons of haircuts and styles would help with covering up.

2. Colourant scalp sprays

A recent addition to the fashion industry is the custom colored scalp sprays. Available in many colors, these are non-toxic and skin-friendly colorants that can be sprayed onto any scalp that's showing through. It is one of the popular men’s thinning hair solutions in the industry right now and can easily be washed off. 

3. Vitamins and nutrients

There are some well-known multivitamins and nutrients that can help strengthen your hair and slow down the thinning process. You can take daily multivitamins containing good percentages of iron, omega 3, and folic acid. You can also alter your food intake to make sure you're getting these nutrients naturally. Make sure to take the doctor's advice before starting on any medication. 

4. Prescribed medications

Over the years of research, scientists have come up with two prescriptions that can help you slow down the process of thinning hair.

● Propecia

Finasteride- more generally known as Propecia, is a prescription medicine and is administered orally. This helps balance the DHT hormones that are responsible for any hair loss.

● Corticosteroids

These drugs can be both taken orally or injected. This drug is known to help reduce the inflammation in the hair follicles that weaken the hair cycle.


While both these medicines are known to work. Over some time, they start to lose any results. Moreover, their effects are temporary and stop as soon as the regular dosage is stopped. Both medications also come with their plethora of side effects such as weight gain, blood pressure issues, allergies, etc.

5. Wearing a Hairpiece

Among many of the non-invasive methods, this is the most viable option. Wearing a toupee to cover up any hair loss is the most recently adopted and a growing trend in the industry. These hairpieces come in many shapes and forms to match your hair and can be customized according to your needs.


Why is a Hair Replacement System the Best Option?


Options like medication and home remedies can sometimes be causing side-effects. On the other hand, a hair transplant always seems like a good idea. It, however, is very risky. The hair transplant is a risky surgery that involves quite an invasive procedure that results in swelling, bleeding, pain, and inflammation. It has a very long waiting time for the result, and in many cases, the transplant fails, and the hair follicles don't take their place.

Contrary to that, hair replacement systems are one of the best men’s thinning hair solutions out there. A hairpiece is the most natural and achievable method to cover up any thinning or lost hair. It doesn't cost too much, the results are instant, and the possibilities are endless. You can get your customized according to your liking to give your hair a natural and healthy glow. 

We at lavivid offer hairpieces that come in many options, such as different bases ranging from mesh net and polymer to different fibres styles. You can get your hair pieces in both natural and synthetic hair.


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