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The Way to Use Clip-On Hair Pieces

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If you're not happy with your hair length and thickness, it might be high time to look into using clip-on hair pieces that will give your hair a little help to look as beautiful as possible. If you have tried natural methods that didn't work, or you don't have the time and money to wait for a miracle, then this could be the best option for you.


clip on hair piece

Clip-on hair pieces are wefts of hair with clips already attached at one end so that you can easily clip it onto your existing hair without the need for professional help. Many people use clip-on hair pieces for hair extensions to make their hair look longer. Since you are adding more hair onto your head, it will add more volume to your hair for a thicker and more luscious look.


If you are wondering if the hair extensions will damage your existing hair in any way, there is no need to worry. Since you are not using any heat or chemicals to apply the extensions, there are no long-term problems or commitments to worry about. You are merely clipping these extensions onto your existing hair, just like adding a regular clip, except these clips give the appearance of longer and thicker hair.


The best thing about hair extensions is the variety available on the market. You can find exactly what you are looking for due to the fact that extensions are available in almost every shade of color and in length. Length is not a problem, however, since most extensions are very long, but you can simply cut it to suit the length you want. Price is also not a problem since hair extensions are typically inexpensive, so you don't have to worry about spending too much money on making your hair look more beautiful.


Hair extensions are very easy to use and you don't have to spend too much time putting them on. Before you start, gather all your tools: the clip-on hair pieces, extra clips, a hair brush, a thin comb (you can use your fingers too) and a mirror.

Firstly, thoroughly brush your hair to remove all the knots and tangles. Separate a thin section of hair at the bottom of the back of your head, just above the neck. Make the division as straight as possible by using a thin comb, or your fingers if you do not have one. Clip the rest of your hair above your head using the extra clips. This is to get your hair out of the way while you work. Take your hair extensions and gently brush through them to remove any tangles. It would be best to start at the bottom and make your way up to where the clips are. Clip the first extensions onto the loose hair at your nape, starting from the center of your head. Be sure to clip as close to the roots as possible. Gently pull the extension a bit to test if it is secure. If it is loose, undo the clip and tease your hair a bit by combing downwards just an inch from the root, over and over again. Teasing your hair will create a more secure base. Clip the extension and make sure it is secure. Once the center clip is on, add a clip on the left and right of the first one, making sure each one is secure before moving onto the next one. Separate another section of hair just above where the clips are - about an inch higher will do. Clip the rest of your hair above your head again. Repeat the process of first gently brushing the hair extension and then clipping them on, starting at the center and then adding one on the left and right as well. Once again, make sure each one is secure by giving it a gentle pull before adding the next clip. Add clip on the side of your head as well, but make sure not to place it at your hairline so that it will not be visible from the front. Clips can also be added at the top of your head in order to add more volume, but make sure that you have enough natural hair to comb over the clip so that it is not obvious that you are wearing hair extensions. Once you have added all your clip-on hair pieces, gently brush your hair so that your natural hair and the extensions are properly blended together. Be very gentle when brushing - avoid pulling too much and also don't brush from the roots otherwise you might undo all your work.

Clip on hair pieces

And it is as easy as that. Enjoy your long and voluminous hair. Can't find the hair system you want? don't worry! Browse our complete inventory and customized toupee catalog to find the hair replacement system that best meets your goals. 


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