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Tips for Using Glue on Men's Hair piece and Toupees

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Many users still don’t believe they can use glue on men’s hairpieces and toupees. The truth is these adhesives give you a flexible advantage with your hairpiece. But if you’re worried about how and when to use them, you’ll no longer feel so after reading this article.

Who Needs Glue on Men's Hairpiece and Toupees?

Hairpiece glues are liquid adhesives used to keep toupees in place. They come in various sizes and formulas to suit different base types and uses. But you may ask yourself if a toupee glue is for you. Bear in mind that various reasons prompt the need for these adhesives, like the ones below. 

1. Long Term Wearers

Not everyone buys or wears a toupee for periodic occasional uses alone. Some people have extreme cases of hair loss and feel must be concealed at virtually all times. For such people, the fear of having their hair systems coming off due to wind or a sudden rigorous movement can be haunting. A toupee glue, therefore, is a solid option for quelling this worry.

2. Polymer Base Toupee Users

Polymer base toupees have smooth, solid surfaces that fully sit on the scalp and fit with the head shape. But without some kind of hold, they may slip off, especially when you turn your head sideways, or your scalp grows sweaty. But once a hairpiece adhesive has been applied, this no longer becomes a problem. And because of the even surfaces and poly material, the glue can be applied generously, to guarantee a stronger hold.

3. Overnight Wearers

Many who wear toupees extensively tend to have them on even when they sleep at night. But if it’s worn without some kind of adhesive, they may wake up to find the hairpiece off their heads. In this light, the hair system glue helps to keep the hair system in place overnight.

4. Wearers with an active lifestyle

Some people live physically demanding lifestyles. Perhaps you like to ride your motorbike in the wind or do a lot of running. Or maybe you’re a frequent member of the nightlife, going to clubs, raves, and parties. Such rigorous lifestyles require using glue on hairpieces and toupees.

Using Glue on Hairpieces and Toupees

By now, you’ve probably decided you need toupee glue. Even if your personality doesn’t fall in the categories mentioned above, these adhesives still give you a certain level of calm and confidence when you have your hairpiece on. However, it’s best to know a few things regarding how to use them, so you get the best service from these accessories. So, if you plan to use glue on the hairpiece, follow these handy tips:

● Clean the surface of your scalp and your toupee base properly. Make sure there aren’t any oils or creams on your scalp before use, as these materials might interfere with the bonding capacity of the hairpiece.


● Brush a thin layer of the hairpiece glue on your entire scalp area. Let the layer dry a bit and apply another layer. For the strongest bonding, between 3 and 5 layers are recommended. When done, tap your scalp gently with your fingers. If it feels sticky, instead of wet, then it’s ready for the hairpiece.


● Begin to wear the toupee by placing the front at the position you want your hairline to begin. Then, shift it to your satisfaction as you slowly move backward. This makes sure there aren’t any loose spaces in the scalp, so it fits properly.

Once done, check the edges, and apply a bit of hairpiece glue on loose areas with your finger.

Hairpiece Glue Precautions

You may worry about getting irritations or discomfort from using glue for a hairpiece. To avoid this, apply a scalp protector over your scalp before using the hairpiece. You can find various quality scalp protector products at beauty stores, salons, and hair care stores online.

Only use glue for toupee as directed by the manufacturer. Failure to do this may cause damage to your scalp and the hairpiece.

Apply a positioning spray on the hairpiece base before wearing. This makes sure the hair system glue doesn’t completely dry while you’re still setting the position. 

Avoid situations that may get your hairpiece wet for at least 24 hours for the best bonding.

Final Thoughts

Using glue on men’s hairpiece and toupees allow you to enjoy your life without worry about displaying the hair system. If you weren’t sure about whether it’s an option for you, by now, you are and have realized how handy they can be. You can also check out Walker Great White Toupee Glue, which is an amazing option for guaranteed hairpiece bonding.


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