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Some Tips on How to Use Lace Toupee Wisely

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Most people who are troubled by baldness tend to use lace toupee to tackle this problem. It is apparent that the beauty of this is the lace hair becomes part of you, which makes you feel more confident. Using it can not only give you the chance to change your hairstyle as you wantbut also add color to your look or appearance. So as a good method, using it also requires a wise way to achieve the maximum value itself. Here are few tips to tell you how to use it wisely. 

How to cut the extra lace off

A lot of people ask questions why is there always extra lace on the lace toupee. Actuallythis is because when producers make the hair it has a place to hold on to, where comes the extra lace. So when you are getting the lace hair you always want to cut this little piece of extra lace off.

First, make sure you can see your scissor which just cuts around the edges, but not the hair. Then make sure you cut it along the line. And you should be very careful not to damage the hair and dont leave any extra lace. What’s more, remember to shampoo the hair system before you cut the lace. In this way when the hair is wet you can have more control, which makes sure that the hair is not flying around in order to not cut any of the hair.

If you have a mannequin or a form, you can use either a push pin or a safety pin that would hold the hair so you can easily cut any of it around the hair. Do remember to make sure you only cut the extra lace, not the hair! 

How to attach a lace toupee 

The attachment method for lace hair is not difficult. The first thing you have to do is attach from the back to the front because it is easier to get the unit lined up. Start with a strip of tape on the back, tack it down, bring it up, and pull it over. Make sure you hold your hair with your hands and place it where you mark. Additionally, make sure each side by the time you do one side you do the other side. Remember don’t do all the way one side or the other side and make sure you do a little bit at a time. At last, if you don’t want to take the hair off, you can use glue to keep it longer. 

How to remove the tape and wash a lace hair system

The first thing you have to bear in mind in this part is to be gentle. At first, you have to spray the lotion from the opposite side to the lace, which would release the least you take from the lace. Then wait for a few seconds, let it suck, take it gently and then use the towel very gently to clean all around the edges to make sure everything is so clean that there is no residue left. Then take the table and now you are going to wash the lace toupee.

All you need to do during this is to wash the hair in one direction. After washing it, you need to shampoo it again and wash it again. If you don’t want the hair to get tangled when you are washing it, you have to wash it in one direction gently. As you finished the steps above, the hair system is nice and clean. You can place it on the towel and wrap it which will absorb the water and dry it a little bit. 

Hope the methods above can help you. Usually, the quality, color, style of the lace toupee matters a lot, but what matters the most is the way you use it, from cutting the extra lace off to wash it carefully in order to keep it longer for use. If you use it wisely, you can surely achieve the maximum value of it and make sure it shines brightly on your head, revealing the beauty of the lace hair and most importantly, you.


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