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How Rogaine Works for Male Pattern Baldness?

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Are you suffering from male pattern baldness? Are you looking for an alternative yet effective remedy for hair loss? Well, you couldn’t be any luckier. We have done our research and have one of the most effective treatments for hair loss. Read along.

What is male pattern baldness?

male baldness

Male pattern baldness (Androgenetic alopecia) is a condition which is inherited and affects more than 50% of all men aged 50 years and above.

What causes male pattern baldness (Androgenetic alopecia)?

The proven leading cause of male pattern baldness is genetics. In case you have a family history of baldness, then you may be affected by this condition. The pattern baldness in men is associated with androgen, which is a sex hormone in men. The hair growth cycle in the case of male pattern baldness starts to weaken, causing the shrinkage of hair follicles which in turn produce thinner and shorter hair strands. This process eventually leads to an end of the growth cycle and no new hair growth.

The other causes of hair loss may include cancer, steroids, thyroid conditions and medications. A clinical examination is usually required to rule out other health conditions like fungal conditions or nutritional disorders.

Types of treatments for male pattern baldness

There are several treatments and remedies available for hair loss. They include

• Prescription and OTC, which include Minoxidil (Rogaine) available over the counter and Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) which is a pill taken by a doctor’s prescription.

• Hair transplants

• Laser treatments

• Lifestyle changes and several others

In this article, we will look at Rogaine, which is an over the counter medication and comes as a liquid or foam.

Rogaine (Minoxidil)

Rogaine also referred to as Minoxidil, is considered to be one of the most popular treatments used for male pattern baldness. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the treatment of hair loss together with Finasteride (Propecia or Proscar). Rogaine is available without a prescription and comes in the form of a liquid or foam that is applied to the scalp two times a day for hair regrowth.

The results of Rogaine may be evident after about four months of application. Yet for some, this may last up to a year. You should use it patiently and consistently to achieve fuller and thicker hair. In any case, you stop using Rogaine, the progress that had been made so far in the hair recovery journey will be lost.

How Rogaine works

Rogaine treats hair loss that may occur due to hereditary hair loss, hormones or age. When you apply Rogaine to the affected parts, the formula works when it gets in touch with your scalp to allow for optimal hair growth. It penetrates the scalp and heads towards the inactive hair follicles.

When Rogaine gets to the inactive hair follicles, it increases the production of protein, causes blood vessels to widen and allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to the hair follicles. This action helps to lengthen the phase of your hair’s growth.

It also contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which it uses to promote shedding of the dead natural skin to keep the hair follicles open. The botanical extracts and emollient in the formula also help in keeping the scalp conditioned and healthy. These extracts help to create an optimal environment for your hair to grow again. Within a span of about 3 to 4 months of continued use, you will start seeing the visible results. The positive results will progress to thicker and fuller hair coverage.

How to use Rogaine

Rogaine can be used in three easy steps to ensure maximum effectiveness

Step 1: Wash the head and make sure the hair is dry. Expose the scalp by parting the hair with a comb.

Step 2: Dispense half a capful of the form onto the cap or container used for measurement through the nozzle. Ensure that the amount used is the 1g recommended dose.

Step 3: Apply the foam onto the scalp and massage the scalp gently but thoroughly through the affected area. Ensure that you do not cause any hair breakage then once satisfied with the results, wash your hands clean.

It is advisable only to use the dose that is recommended of half a capful twice every day. Then air-dry the foam before applying any hairstyles. You should also be keen to avoid the application of skincare products on the affected areas unless advised.

When applying Rogaine, make sure it does not get in the eyes, mouth and nose. Rinse properly with water in case this happens.

Side effects of Rogaine

The risk of having side effects is low with Rogaine, but they may occur in any case there is absorption into the bloodstream. Some of these side effects may include

• It may cause burning to the area of application or irritation and redness.

• Growth of facial hair that is unwanted

• Headache, dizziness and at times confusion

• Lightheaded feeling

• Chest pains and increased heartbeats

The most common of all these side effects with Rogaine is changing of the hair color and texture. The other side effects only occur in extreme situations which are out of the ordinary.

Advantages of Rogaine

• It slows down the progress of hair loss

• Patients of hair transplants can use it a few weeks after surgery

• It helps in hair regrowth

• Has very few side effects primarily when used as directed

• It is also the only treatment that is approved by the FDA to treat hair loss in women

Disadvantages of Rogaine

• It is not a cure for hair loss and only as long as you continue applying it.

• It may not be of help to men with severe hair loss problem

• Many health insurance schemes do not cover it since they consider it a cosmetic.

• It has limited effectiveness as it may not work in everybody with hair loss problem.

human hair replacement system


In conclusion, there are several remedies that you may consider for your hair loss problem, yet Rogaine remains to be one of the best ways to prevent hair loss. Being approved by the FDA is a mark of quality assurance that the product is useful for its intended uses if you adhere to the instructions. We hope this article sheds light on Rogaine as an alternative yet effective method for hair loss prevention.


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