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Tips about Using Topstick Toupee Tape

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Are you looking to secure your hairpiece? Looking for a durable solution to hold it place? Well, we are glad to share this information with you from our research.

Hair Loss

The men’s wig is one of the ways of resolving hair loss problems or dealing with hair thinning problems. The hair loss may be due to issues as age, medical conditions that one may be going through, medication, natural hair loss, genetics, poor diet, stress, and so forth.

The Toupee

human hair replacement system

The toupee is a piece a hairpiece or a partial wig that is worn by men in order be able to deal with the issues of baldness and hair loss. The hairpiece can be from natural hair or synthetic hair. Toupee serves the sole purpose of covering a bald spot.

The toupee is a non-invasive technique that is simple and quick to achieve; hence it is preferred by numerous people. The hairpiece can be held onto place by various methods the most common ones being using glue or using the toupee tape. It can be attached or in place using tape, or at times weaving is done on the hair.

Top-stick Toupee Tape

The topstick toupee tape that is clear and comes double-sided. It is a perfect tape for attaching a hairpiece. It is reliable and secure enough to hold tour hair item without letting it slip. This toupee tape is mostly known to be efficient by the users. This belief is due to its properties of being waterproof and hypo-allergenic. This tape commonly used to hold the men’s wig is double-sided and transparent. The toupee tape is readily available in the stores. Once an individual applies it, it should not be detectable by anyone.

topstick toupee tape

The tape gives you one of the best looks and can be used by both the men and the women to attach their hairpieces. This tape is much more convenient than glue since it can be useful for a short period or a more extended period. This flexibility allows the user to remove it and change it quickly. As compared to glue, the toupee tape is much more recommendable if you are not planning to stay long with the current toupee.

Varieties of Topstick Toupee tape

Topstick toupee glue comes in various types you can be able to select. These include:

• Topstick Custom Cut Curves

This topstick tape comes in curved shapes which are in the curves of the letter “A” and “B” which is more angular. They are excellent to use on the wigs and hairpieces that have a sharp point or a curve and may not be appropriate to use a straight piece.

• Topstick plus

The topstick plus is one of the best tapes that you can use up to 14 days with excellent results. It is very convenient if you need an extra holding due to causes such as makeup, environmental factors or even sweat. It can be useful if you want to hold something for a long time but not permanently.

• Topstick Strips

They come as pre-cut strips that are ready to use, making them even much more convenient. It is available in 1” and widths and in 50 and 1000 count packs.

• Topstick Roll

This toupee tape is clear and comes cut into any size according to what you need. It is advantageous because it remains neat and stays in one place. It comes with varying widths.

Advantages of using Topstick Toupee Tape

1. Topstick Toupee tape offers a realistic look after styling – The toupee tape gives you a comfortable, realistic look by ensuring that your hair is flat to the sides’ surface and secures it firmly in place.

2. It lasts long – the toupee tape can be able to hold your hair for much more extended periods once you use it to attach the hairpiece properly. It gives flexibility for people who engage in an active lifestyle that may include activities like swimming.

3. It is comfortable to wear and to remove – The toupee tape is straightforward to wear and remove. You can be able to remove the toupee tape by using alcohol, water or any other formulated remover items.

4. It is easy to maintain – It is easy to keep the hair attached using the top-stick toupee tape. In any case, you need to make any adjustments to the hairstyle, it is easy to replace the pieces and secure them.

5. Does not harm the skin – The toupee tape used to attach the hairpieces does not need any chemicals in their adhesive. The ones that may contain any chemical have a minimal number hence it does not cause any skin irritation.

6. It comes with perfect sizes that are ready and easy to use with some being pre-cut.

Drawbacks of using the toupee tape

1. Substantial amounts of money need to be available when sourcing for this tape though it gives you good returns on your investment.

2. It requires patience when attaching the hairpieces. It means you will have to be inactive for some time after the application.

3. In case it is not connected correctly, it may become visible.

Tips when using topstick toupee tape

• Always test the tape on a small portion of your skin to determine whether you may be allergic to that particular tape or not.

• When you are using it to secure a hairpiece, ensure to apply the tape to the perimeter of the hairpiece.

• Avoid any contact between the tape and your body hair. It can be painful to remove it if it gets stuck to your hair.

• It is essential to avoid the hairline when using the top-stick toupee to fix a hairpiece.


In conclusion, the top-stick toupee tape is one of the best brands that you can find in the market for attaching your hairpiece. It is easy and really convenient to use, and you also have the guarantee of excellent results with this product. We hope this information provides you with the assistance you require.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact and their experts are more than happy to help you out.


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