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Tutorials about Using Toupee Hair Glue

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If you are experiencing some hair loss at the top and you finally decided to buy a toupee, but you're not sure how to secure it on your head, no worries. You have come to the right place for a step-by-step guide on the things you should do, as well as the things you should not do.


If you have only started using toupees, you are probably going to face the question of whether you should use wig tape or glue on your toupee. It honestly depends on your preferences.

toupee hair glue

Many people still prefer to use tape due to the fact that it is easier to use. You can buy tapes in rolls or already pre-cut to suit the shape that you need. However, tape is not meant for those who wish to have a long-lasting hold.

If you would like a longer-lasting hold, it would be best to choose glue. Glue is the preferred choice for people with oily skin or those who sweat a lot since glue does not lose its adhesiveness in moist conditions. For people who still have few hairs in the balding area, you might want to opt-out of the glue option, as it can pull out those little hairs.


It would be best to prepare everything you will need before you start applying the toupee hair glue: cotton balls and alcohol for cleaning the skin, paper towels to protect the counter from any spilt glue, brushes or popsicle sticks to use for applying the glue.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the surface area where you intend to apply the glue is clean. The skin on the scalp is full of little particles or naturally secreted oil that may interfere with the adhesiveness of the glue. Clean the area by soaking a cotton ball in alcohol. For people with more sensitive or dry skin, it would be best to use witch hazel so that you do not irritate your skin. Once the skin is clean, you can proceed to apply the glue.Before applying the glue, make sure to read any warnings or directions on the bottle. Also, make sure to read how long you have to wait before putting the toupee on. Some glues require you to wait a little bit for it to dry before putting the toupee on.Once you have read any warnings or directions, apply the liquid glue on the areas of the toupee that need it - typically the glue goes on the edges of the front, sides and the back of the toupee. Make sure to only add a thin layer of glue, as too much can cause the glue to seep through the lace. This results in the hairs on the toupee to stick together. Another reason to avoid the glue from seeping through is to avoid making the glue noticeable. You don't want anyone to notice that you are wearing a toupee, right?Once you have applied the glue, you can spread it out using a small brush or a popsicle stick. This allows you to spread the glue along the edges, or to spread out a thick blop into a thin layer.Next, carefully hold the toupee over your head. Make sure it is where it should be before setting it in place. Gently press down on the areas where the glue was applied. Carefully and immediately wipe off any excess glue that seeps out of the edges.Make sure to wait a good 10 minutes before styling the toupee. If the instructions on the glue said to wait longer, then follow that instead. Some glue takes longer to dry than others and it would be best to wait and make sure that it is dry, rather than risk a shift that could ruin how it looks.Once the glue is dry, go ahead and style your toupee according to how you would like it.


Since using toupee hair glue is intended to last longer, you do not have to remove your toupee and reapply it every day. However, it is best to know exactly what to do in order to avoid damaging it.

Remove the toupee the same way you remove tape - by pulling it very gently. Avoid quick or hard pulls so that you do not tear your toupee, and also to avoid any irritation on your skin.If you encounter a bit of trouble removing the toupee, do not use force. Instead, dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and rub around the glued areas as gently as possible. The alcohol will loosen the grip of the glue and eventually come off.Place your toupee somewhere safe to avoid damaging it while it is not in use. Don't forget to remove the residue from the scalp and toupee. Also, you can visit to order professional glue removers help you remove the glue.

When it comes to how we look, everyone wants to be as confident as possible with their presentation. With the variety of toupees available, and in almost every shade of colour, there is no excuse why you can't be proud of your look.


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