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The Guide to Wash a Human Hair Wig

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How to wash a human hair wig is surely a question running in the mind of everyone who is sporting hair extension for the very first time. Hair extension completely changes your appearance and boosts your confidence to a whole new level. Human hair wig gives a very natural look and no one will be able to figure out that they are not your real hair. It is thus important you take the best care of it and make it look natural and beautiful always.

To help your hair look nice and silky and smell good, you have to wash it on a regular basis. But the question is how do you wash it the right way? Well, just go through the guide below and you are sorted.

1. Detangle Your Artificial Hair

Before you start pouring water over your hair you first need to detangle it to get rid of all the knots. This is also the first step that we follow when we wash our natural hair as this helps prevent breakage.

You must use a wide-toothed comb and begin brushing gently from the end. After you have detangled the end proceed towards the middle and then the roots. In case you do not have a wide-toothed comb you may even run your fingers in a similar way.

While detangling your human hair extensions you need to be very patient and calm. If you try to hurry up you might damage the hair.

2. Washout Your Wig Using Cold to Lukewarm Water

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The next step you need to follow is to place your hairpiece under the faucet. You need to wet and soak it very well using cold to lukewarm water. Do not rub your wig as it can lead to tangling and shedding.

3. Wash Your Human Hair Wig with a Specialized Shampoo

Your hairpiece will attract dirt quite as your natural hair does, and thus just washing it with plain water is not enough. You also need to use shampoo and make sure to use an extremely high-quality product. Search for the best fit for your extension so that it does not get damaged.

Different hair extensions have different textures and styles. And there are different types of shampoos to suit each just like is the case with your natural hair. It will be a good idea to take suggestions from the store you have purchased your wig from. They will be able to perfectly guide you about which shampoo will suit your hairpiece best.

4. Again, Rinse Your Hairpiece with Water

After you have shampooed your hairpiece you need to rinse it with plain water in the sink or under the shower. If your wig is very thick, you can wash it twice to ensure you have removed all shampoo completely.

5. Time to Use a Conditioner on Your Hair Extensions

After you have washed out the shampoo completely you need to use a high-quality conditioner to add the much-needed shine and bounce to your hairpiece.

Never apply any conditioner near the roots as it can loosen the wig-knots present in the cap. Simply apply the conditioner from the end and until half the way up.

6. Rinse Out the Conditioner from Your Wig

Allow the conditioner to stay for about three to five minutes and then rinse it out completely with plain water. Remember, you must rinse your hairpiece only in one direction to prevent any tangling.

7. Dry Your Human Hair Extension

Now that you have learned how to wash a human hair wig, the next thing you need to do is to dry it. It will be best to let it dry naturally. However, if you are in a rush, then you can use your blow dryer.

Remember, you should dry just ninety-percent of your hair using the dryer and let the rest dry naturally. This will help prevent your hair from getting damaged.

To Conclude –

Ideally, you should wash your human hair extension after 7 to 10 wears or once in every six to eight weeks. If the weather is very humid and you wear your extensions regularly then you must wash it a bit more often.

Remember, these hair washing tips must be followed very carefully and never ignored. Human hair wigs are usually expensive and thus it is very important to take the best care of it. And, if you do, your hairpiece will look beautiful and natural for a very long time.


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