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The Way to Wash Human Hair Wig

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It is important that you know how to wash human hair wig after in case you have one. This is because by washing it you will remove any dirt which may have accumulated that can damage your natural hair. Below are some of the tools and materials which you may need when you are cleaning your human hair wig.

* A wig brush
* A clean towel
* Gentle hair conditioner
* Gentle shampoo

You must choose gentle conditioners and shampoos which cannot damage your wig.

Below are some of the tips on how to wash human hair wig

i) De-tangle

Before you start cleaning your human hair wig, you are supposed to comb it gently so that you can remove any available tangles. You can start at the top of your wig as you move towards the bottom of the headband. Make sure you use wide combs that are usually designed for human hair wigs. In case there are any stubborn tangles, you can use spray conditioners in loosening them.

ii) Wash your wig using lukewarm water

If you think your wig is very dirty, you can soak it in lukewarm water for a few minutes before you decide to wash it. Regardless of how dirty your wig is, you should desist from wringing, twisting or rubbing it since you can ruin it. You should avoid using cold water since it cannot melt the conditioner and shampoo from your wig.

Start rinsing your wig from the roots towards the end. In case you notice any stains, you use a toothbrush in removing them gently.

iii) Add a shampoo

Just pour a small amount of shampoo into your hands and then apply it evenly throughout your wig. At the cap, you can apply the shampoo in a circular motion. It is good that you use a shampoo which is suitable for the kind of wig that you have. For thorough cleaning, you can try to turn your wig inside out. After shampooing, you can try rinsing it so that you can completely remove any shampoo content before you move to the next step.

iv) Conditioning your wig

You must apply a hair conditioner to your wig so that you can maintain its original styling. However, you should not apply the conditioner to the root of the wig as it undoes the knots and also leads to loss of fiber. This is very vital especially when you have lace wig since its fibers are not sewn onto the cap. You can start to apply the conditioner from the middle towards the end. You can leave the conditioner for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate and nourish the hair.

v) Rinse away the conditioner

Just hold your wig over a tap so that you can allow water to rinse off any hair conditioner. In this case, you can avoid fiddling with your wig since tap water can do much of the work.

vi) Drying your wig

If you leave your wig to be wet you will increase its chances of being ruined. Therefore, you must dry it. In this case, you are expected to squeeze it gently so that you can remove water from it. You must be careful while you are squeezing it since if you attempt to wring or twist it you can make the fibers to tangle. You can try to use a clean towel in drying your wig. To achieve excellent results, you can place your wig over a clean towel before rolling it gently. However, if you have blow dry, then you can use it in drying your wig. When drying your wig, you can start at the cap and then proceed to the entire part of the wig.

After drying it you are free to sew it back onto your head

After you have known the correct steps which you can adopt when washing your human hair wig, it’s good that you ensure you have all the products which are required to make this process successful. If you search through our site, you can get a collection of lovely and reputable wig care brands that you can use when you are washing your human hair wig. Be assured that if you are extremely gentle, you will have a good looking wig that all the people who will spot will keep on admiring. This is why you should try to search for more information at our site. At LaVivid Hair we will never let you down.


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