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Care and Maintenance Tips for Men's Toupee Glue On

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The men’s toupee glue on is a small piece of hair that may be artificial or natural worn by a man to cover a part of the head where there is no longer hair growing. The hairpiece can be the product of real human hair or artificial pieces of fibers. The toupee originated from the point of stereotype towards balding men. The hairpiece is a necessity for men who are balding or suffering from natural hair loss. Whichever level of balding or hair loss, the toupee provides a satisfactory solution towards the problem.

A hairpiece is different from the wig but often mistaken to be the same since both are hairpieces used on the head. They both have nearly the same design and have a hair sticking on the base. The difference is that a toupee covers only a portion of the head while the wig offers total coverage of the head. The wig has to be on braided of cornrowed hair. The hairpiece, on the other hand, is stuck on the head with the real hair functioning as an integrated part.

Advantages of wearing a toupee

• It provides a ready solution to hair loss which is much more affordable than going for a hair transplant. The hairpiece offers a faster way of having voluminous hair with the right color, density and size.

• Hairpieces are very affordable. Their prices are much lower in comparison to having a hair replacement done. The hairpiece costs much less while the surgery would cost thousands of dollars.

• The hairpiece comes in different styles, color and sizes. The technique means that you can have your hairpiece tailored to meet your exact requirements and wear a customized fit.

• The base of the hairpiece is quite thin, which means that it is much more breathable.

men's toupee glue on


There is equipment that you will use in the process of attaching the toupee. Have a face towel to keep the scalp dry and clean during the attachment of the hairpiece. Have a scissor to clip any hair that is long and may stick out.

How to attach a toupee

hair system glue

Before attaching the hairpiece, you should be keen to select the right toupee glue. The right glue is essential to confirm that the hair placement is secure on the head.

A lot of care is necessary when wearing a headpiece. It needs a bit of practice before officially adorning one. The best way is to seek the services of the hair salon, which can do it professionally. The materials used are consistent except for the method of attaching the toupee.


Step 1: The hair is naturally oily hence use a wet piece of cloth or towel to wipe the scalp where you are to put the hairpiece. The washing makes it oil-free and removes any dirt or glue that may remain on it. Rubbing alcohol or the witch hazel is used to remove any oils that are natural to the body. The best way is to wash the hair and scalp then dry it thoroughly.

Step 2: Prepare the toupee, marking the hairline. The drawn hairline is made based on the natural hairline. Once you are through, you should paint a line of adhesive that is thin then spread it where the hairpiece is going to sit.

Step 3: Due to the nature of glue stuck on the fingers and may mess up the hair, keep water nearby. Wash off any adhesive that may remain smeared on the fingers.

Step 4: Once you are through with this step, check where the glue is and press it onto the scalp, then leave it to dry. Repeat this once or twice before styling it up by brushing.

How to remove a toupee

Step 1: Once you are done with the hairpiece or want to switch to a new one, you should use a remover to get off the adhesive used to hold it into place.

Step 2: To do this, spray the remover in the locations that you used tape. Leave it for about 1-2 minutes to make the bond be released.

Step 3: Use your fingers to pill the hairpiece off your scalp. Do this carefully though it is a simple process. The hairpiece may have strands of hair twisted with the natural hair also do it correctly to avoid pulling your hair.

How to care for the human hair hairpiece

Always keep the hair tangle free before you wash. Dis-entangle the knots using a comb. The disentanglement should be done from the edges as you work towards the scalp.Wash your hair with right hair care products like shampoo and use conditioner on it as well.You have to wash the hair with water that is lukewarm or cold. Wash the hair straight without entangling it. Use the conditioner to moisturize the toupee then rinse gently with water until it is clean. Dry the hair but do not wring or twist it. Wringing or twisting the hair may not only cause breakage to the hairpiece but may also cause damage to your natural hair. Turning the hair causes knots to form on the hairpiece, causing very undesirable effects.Use a blow-dryer to dry the hair but don’t do it completely dry.Brushing the hairpiece is not good when it is still wet since this may cause it to stretch.If the hairpiece is not in use, store it or put it on a stand. The storage will help ensure that the hairpiece and hair are both in excellent condition. The hairpiece needs frequent maintenance, even though there are no medical implications. It is still essential to be careful when you are using the hairpiece. The appearance of the hairpiece will only be useful if proper care is taken.


The main advantage of using the men’s glue hairpiece is that it provides an invisible and much longer fix that the other toupees. The options of using tape and glue prove to be much better. This option helps in combining the advantages of both the methods of attachment. The tape has the upper hand of putting it on and ease of cleaning. Check out our store to order these toupee glues.

Glue is much more durable and lasts much longer and is usually the best choice that covers the path to ensure a natural and seamless natural look. We hope this article is adds value to you and has been able to answer your questions about the men’s hairpiece.


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