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The Importance of Hair Density Chart when You Decide Your Hair Unit

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The basic knowledge about a hair density chart is important to an individual who selects a hairpiece at a retail store. Hair thinning issue is widely prevalent among men and women. As a result of hair loss, it is wise to choose a wig that suits the person in all aspects. The balding man needs to perfectly choose the hair systems depending upon the hair density chart. The chart gives the customer a great understanding of choosing the right wig for his head. This chart would prevent you from choosing the wrong wig because of too thin or too thick for a balding head. An expert's advice is necessary to understand the chart about hair density.

Why it is important to under the density chart about hair?

density chart

Many people due to the embarrassment of hair loss choose a wig randomly to cover their bald spots. This is not advisable as far as balding person's life is concerned. Hence, he must be patient to cope with his bald head excellently. The need for or importance of the density of hair shown in the chart is highly crucial. If the person can choose the exact wig based on the chart then his look will be good and topnotch. The chart tells the density set as light, medium, or high for the customers. So you need to possess basic skills to understand the chart.

Hair density-what it means?

Hair density refers to the amount of hair thickness. However, it is wrongly correlated to the volume of hair which is not correct. The hair weavers use a good amount of hair for making a hairpiece, which is the density of hair means. The density of hair really gives us the meaning of hair thickness or hair thinning. The hair types may change such as wavy, straight, or curly with the same density but the volume changes. The wig units are usually made with a medium density condition. The percentage of hair density changes such as 50%,80%, 100% .etc,. as per hair toupees.

Different hair density of wigs

If you select 100% density hair wigs, it means that you have selected medium one. In case you select the 130% density hair units, you have selected the medium-heavy density one. The 120 density unit means average density to the bald person who selects. The experts advise the customers to go for long hair selection for good density hairpieces. Choosing the matching density hair unit is not an easy task because only an experienced or an expert alone makes the correct decision. For example, 150% density gives an excellent hair fullness to the person who wears. The density you select that has to match your original hair features without fail.

Tips for correct choosing

Many balding people question how to choose the best or exact density hair unit? The basic answer is that your hair systems should blend easily with your natural hair. Always a customer has to choose the equal density both a wig and his original head hair. The other factor that has to be considered is the age of the person because hair gets thin as age passes on and hence you have to match your wig based on age. The other important factor is that your hairstyle for selecting the hair unit. If you are clear on these features then an excellent hairpiece is selected.

Hair type and texture matters

The hair types of different origins from across the globe are different. The hair types are changing for each country like Indians, Chinese, African, Americans, etc. Hence, the density also changes as per the type of the hair of the person belonging to each country. The texture of the hair is also important for deciding the density of the hairpiece.

High and low density

Usually, high-density customers have to choose the layered form of hair systems for matching exactly. The blunt cuts hair system is fine for the customers who are looking for low-density units. Hence, enough care is taken to choose the correct density for hassle-free life.

The hair technicians need heavy work while making the hairpieces that are high density. So, comparatively the budget of high-density units is high than low-density ones. Usually, the density of hair systems that is about 120 to 130% is considered normal to all people.


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