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Human Hairpiece: The Perfect Choice for Baldness

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What is Alopecia or Male Pattern hair loss? The disorder or disorganization caused by an interruption in the hair production cycle is called male pattern hair loss or alopecia. The scalp has a hundred thousand hair on the human head, which undergoes a series of growth, resting, losing, and regeneration cycles. In the hair growth cycle, the hair develops from the follicles firstly. After some time, the hair stops growing and goes through separation from the follicles. Then, they fall out. Then, again hair regrows through the follicles, and the cycle continues repeating itself again and again. During this cycle, people generally lose 50 to 100 hair per day. If a disruption in the cycle occurs, i.e., due to damage of the hair follicles, hair loss transpires because the hair lost per day exceeds the average number of hair loss. The symptoms of hair loss, such as the hairline's receding, hair loss in patches, or continuous thinning of hair, are observed. If these symptoms persist, they lead to complete baldness.

They are many causes that could be affiliated with hair loss. Among the causes, genetics and persistent medical conditions are prominent, scientifically noted and, general ones. If the sufferer's parents already cope with hair loss or take medication for a disease, they may be the source of male pattern hair loss. It is also quite notable that androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia or hair loss is caused by the male hormones called androgens. When men reach their age of puberty or at most the age of 20 years, hair loss begins and becomes more and more observable with growing age. It has also been proven that men end up being completely bald during male pattern hair loss or baldness later.

What are the Psychological Impacts of Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss or alopecia has psychological effects too. In scientific research, most men with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss undergo negative emotional or cerebral experiences. The man suffering from hair loss starts to affiliate hair loss with a decrease in his attractiveness and handsomeness. He also begins to think that his body image deteriorates, leading to the people's less opinion of him. We know that hair has socio-cultural importance, which makes having healthy hair more necessary. This problem has been tried to be tackled by a variety of solutions. There have been introductions of surgical and non-surgical hair replacement systems for countering male pattern hair loss.

What are the solutions?

The best solution to male pattern hair loss is non-surgical men's hairpieces human hair. Considering the surgical treatments, they may seem to be less costly and of permanent consequence, but hair transplantation's success is not a hundred percent possible. Hairpieces, wigs, toupees, extensions, or hair replacement systems are cheap, easy to wear, cost-effective, and comfortable to wear compared to other solution procedures for hair loss. Today, we discuss the hair used in hairpieces. The material used for making the hair of hairpieces is of two types, thus giving two types of hair as well. There are two kinds of hair used in hairpieces, i.e., real hair and synthetic hair.

What are human hairpieces, and Why are they better?

Human hair is preferred as synthetic hair does not deliver as many merits as real or human hair. Human or real hair has the natural feel, texture, and original look. The hairpieces' hair is mostly Asian sourced, but the European hair is considered the best and is thus expensive or high-priced. Asian hair is coarser comparatively, so it is made to pass through chemical procedures or to die to meet the consumer demands shade, curl, and texture. The main cumbersome element of real hair wigs is the frequent maintenance; one must care for the wig in the same way as done for real hair.

Human or real hair is the most natural-looking fiber used in hairpieces. One could style, curl and dye them the same as the natural hair. They are expensive than synthetic or artificial hair and range from moderate to expensive cost domains. All hair used in wigs goes through chemical procedures before usage. Considering the human hair, the cuticle of the hair is removed during chemical treatment. The cuticle is the outside layer of the hair. This removal causes the hair to be of coarse texture and rough. Also, it could not be tangled as real hair. Removal of the hair cuticle has an impact on the strength of the hair too. You must style and dye your hairpiece gently and carefully. For dyeing, bright and light colors are recommended.

Real human hair adds more to a man's personality because heat tools for styling could be used on them without fear of damage. They make the few already present hair of more length and volume. The wearer can choose from the variety of colors and textures of the real hair. Human hairpieces offer versatility as they could be treated like natural hair. They have a natural look and feel and are relatively expensive, but the price could be made most of with proper care and maintenance. Human hair pieces last between 1 to 3 years. Their remarkable qualities include excellent softness and shininess. These qualities cannot be duplicated in synthetic or artificial hair. Lavivid offers a huge collection of men's hairpieces; a human hair is made just for you!



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