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Important Toupee Wearing Tips and Tricks

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Today I will share with you guys about the tips and tricks that I have learned from my six years experience of wearing men’s hair systems.


Hair System Base

As far as hair system bases go, there are so many options and you got to figure out what works best for you. I started out with hair club back in like 2003 and I was with him for about six years.  I was paying roughly 300-350 bucks a month in there and all it was a French lace unit with a thick poly around. They would attach it every four weeks and you'd have to change your frontal tape once a week or so.

It wasn't worth it I mean it's just not worth it. These companies just rip you off big-time. By doing it yourself, you can save a ton of money. I just didn't know better and most people don't know better there. These companies, I think, they don't want people to be able to do it themselves.

Right now, I have another one, a custom made piece, coming from LaVivid Hair which got a little delayed with all this little stuff going on but I did send them my other unit to copy and my unit that I really like right now is a hybrid unit. It's a lace base with a 0.03mm skin hair line.

hybrid toupee

The reason I like that is 0.03mm skin hair line will give you the best hair line for an undercut style and it's just very easy to slick back and be very natural.

The problem most people have with poly units and the 0.03mm skin is they create these hard lines with their units and that's due to the trimming of the excess skin that comes on the unit.

excess skin

When cutting the excess, what I do is I am very meticulous that can actually take me a day to three days till I'm satisfied with it. I use little manicuring scissors and I trim just little pieces off the excess so if I'm trying to go right up to the hairline but not cutting into it. If you cut into a hairline or even just a little bit, you get these little nubs that just kind of stick in there and they create such a hard line and it looks very unnatural and I think that's where a lot of people don't like thin skin compared to lace because that can happen. However, if you do it right and you trim the skin very meticulously it looks amazing.

I think it lasts very long just because I'm a short term wearer. I don't like wearing more than like a week I usually switch after that especially if I'm doing on an full skin base. There's no way I could last like 3 or 4 weeks because it gets too itchy.


Lace Base

Lace lace is good. There's French lace, Swiss lace and a super fine Swiss and those are really good for tape. Tape will hold the lace firmly to your scalp, don't worry about your hair system falling off on important occasions. Got2be glue doesn't work as well on Polly just because it doesn't breathe and with it not breathing it's not going to fully dry so it's always going to be kind of moving a little bit.

 lace hair system


The problem with lace is, especially on stocks, is the density. Density is the key to a hair replacement. If your density is wrong it's gonna look like garbage. It's gonna look like you're wearing a wig. Most stocks come in medium light which is a hundred percent. 0.03mm stock skin is better because they're probably around 85 to 90 percent. So for a proper hair density, you can see through the hair. With a high density, you wouldn't be able to see through skin. I would always suggest ordering light density which is about 80 percent even 75 is fine especially if you're older. The only people that can really get away with thicker densities or maybe late teens or early 20s.


Tape and Glue

For a 0.03mm skin base, you cannot put tape on it because it's gonna rip the thin base. For glues, there are white glues, water based glues, acrylic glues and latex based glues and everything is going to be based on your body chemistry.

White glues don't work so well for me especially on the hairline but they are a lot easier to clean up than acrylic.

For acrylic glues, there are Walker Ultra Hold, Davlin Green, Davlin Black. 

clear glue

White glues have Ghost Bond, Oil Resistant White Glue or WG.

white glue

So what I do with my full poly unit is I take the Davlin black which is it's a great acrylic and I use it just on the hairline and then I use a little bit of Ghost bond around the perimeter edge and then I put the Got2Be gel on my scalp.  So that way it'll still hold in the middle and I still get a nice solid hold around the edges and around the hairline which will last you know four to seven days but then when I detach I don't have a full mess of glue to clean up. I already have the edges in the hairline and then I can just wipe the Got2Be off with water.

With lace units, Got2Be works really well unless you're sweating a lot then you might have some issues but for the most part it dries really easily it but it does break down with water so when after the shower, you need to reapply Got2Be onto your scalp to attach the lace base. Got2Be is pretty much a daily glue.



Flat Knot on Lace Base

For the lace base, I have a problem with the hair lines as far as their knotting is considered. I don't like split knots and I prefer single flat knots. Single flat knots looks so good they look like they're just like growing right out of the scalp. They look amazing and so if you're ordering custom definitely order one inch of single flat knots at the hairline and split knots for the rest.  

For me, I really don't like lace anymore and because I'm a short-term wear and the lace likes to fray very easily and it's very easily mangled. So I would definitely take that in consideration if you like wearing for three four weeks at a time nothing wrong with that at all.

The best for me is a combined base of 3/4 lace to the back and 0.03mm skin for the hairline because I like to do an undercut shave sides.  It's very easily managed and then I have the skin for the front so I can just put my Davlin acrylic on and I can use tape on the lace part or I can use Got2Be for the back part.


How to Clean A Poly Base

Mirror slide is great for cleanup either the lace or poly. So once you soak your base after you've used whatever your solvent for removing your glue or your tape is and you have bits that are stuck either in the lace or if you have some that are still stuck on the poly. Any hand mirror or even your bathroom mirror,  you just take the bottom of the unit and drag it across the mirror and the glue will actually adhere to the mirror and it'll just pull right off and it just sticks right to the mirror instead. It makes cleanup so much easier and then your units clean and you let that dry. For the mirror, you can just take some Windex and some paper towels and it'll clean up all the excess off with no problem.

Please watch below video for a more detailed demonstration. 

Comment below if you have any questions and check out lavivid hair and they make great products and I've been really happy with what they've been sending me. Thanks to LaVivid hair, very glad to cooperate with them.


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