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Something You Should Know about Toupee Hair Cost--Help You Buy A Good Toupee

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Toupee hair cost is various according to different making materials, quality, brands, and other factors. You may find some hair toupees in the market are very expensive. Don’t worry, we will give you the introduction on toupees including their different types so that you can have a general understanding of toupees and will not lose directions in purchasing the product. 

What is a toupee?

The invention of the toupee can be said to be a wonderful solution for people suffering from baldness. Toupees can cover the hair-loss part on your head and beautify your appearance. The price of a toupee can range from $100 to $2000. Toupee is not like a wig that can be styled as a whole just as our real hair. Generally, a toupee is used to cover the top area of your head. 

The longevity of toupees also varies. The long one can last up to three years. The longevity can also be extended only if you care for it and maintain it in a good way. The most usual categorization of hair toupee is human hair toupee and synthetic toupee. The price between these two materials will be greatly different. 

On human hair toupee price

For the natural and undetectable look, such a toupee can give you, undoubtedly, human hair toupee costs more than synthetic ones in general. It can be used for a long time once you give careful maintenance to it. The toupee made of real hair can mostly be colored and styled.

This sort of toupee is made by manual work with longer processing hours. The maintenance process is also more demanding. Therefore, the toupee hair cost is high. However, you can still find some stores where cost-effective products are available such as Lewigs. You can also find many toupee hairs at reasonable prices on Amazon or eBay. 

On virgin hairpieces

This is kind of hair product is more expensive due to its coming source. It is supplied by a single donor. The virgin toupee hair, though most expensive, also lasts for a long time and it gives you a shiny and beautiful appearance. To purchase the virgin hairpieces, you must make sure that they are made of 100% virgin hair. They are precious and hard to buy in the market. 

On synthetic toupee cost

Synthetic toupees are usually less expensive, but that does not mean that synthetic ones are not of good quality. They can be easily affected by coloring, brushing, or washing, leading to brittle textures and shorter longevity. Thus, you need to pay special attention to care for synthetic toupee hair if you want to wear it for a relatively long time. And its outlook is not as natural as the real one. 

A good synthetic one can also be used for up to half a year. Another advantage of this sort of product is that it offers a wide range of variables, thus satisfying different aesthetic demands. 

The above is the basic difference between the cost of real hair and synthetic toupees. Then, we will show your some trustworthy products with the price attached. 

Products introduction from

·Eros Men's Hair System Toupee Man Hairpieces

This is a toupee of a high-end brand. The toupee hair cost is around $218. It has 10 inches in length with high density and a slight wave. The color is brown gold. It is comfortable to wear on various occasions with a soft texture. 

·Mirage Toupee for Men

The price of the product is about $230. According to the product description, it is made of high-quality real hair, giving natural look. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. 

·Helios Hair System for Bald Men

Costing around $270, the product is amazing and worth waiting for the delivery. There are also many colors available. The hair is soft and easy to wear. 

If you are interested in the products we list above, you can look for them on Lavividhair. All the products mentioned-above have a 22% discount, There are also other products you can explore on your own. 


In short, toupee hair cost can to some extent reflects the quality of toupee hair. However, you cannot depend on the cost to purchase the hair product. You need to consider the maintenance cost after purchasing. Therefore, we hope you can take the information as a reference so that you can make a better choice.


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