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How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness?

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Since the beginning of time hair loss has been something that is disturbing the peace of humankind. No matter what the gender is, no one likes to lose hair. Yes, it is proven that you forget about 100 to 150 hair strands each day, but it is normal for you to lose them and you will not even notice it, but when it goes beyond that bar it starts to concern us.

men hair loss

If we are specifically talking about men, we can say they cherish their hair the most, and losing their hair makes them feel self-conscious. The reason behind hair loss can be many, but one hair condition, which is the reason behind 50% of men's hair loss around the world is Male Pattern Baldness. It is a condition that shrinks the hair follicles to the extent that they stop growing. It starts with abnormal hair loss, eventually leading to baldness. Leading us to the raging question - Is it preventable? If yes, what can we do to prevent Male Pattern Baldness?

So yes, Male Pattern Baldness can be prevented, but there is no way to completely get rid of it the things you can do to avoid it will only be used to delay it. It can help you with enjoying more of your days with your hair, but you need to have a backup plan for yourself. The fact which needs to be shed light upon is that every human body functions differently. Then some other factors which vary from men to men are the age on which their MPB will start to affect them and their ethnicities, as it has a lot to do with their body anatomy; and hence Hair Loss.

Factors like genetics, age, lifestyle, eating habits, etc. affect the degree of hair loss men goes through. Some men even start to lose their hair in their teenage years, while the average age of men getting effected by MBP is around 45. But again in the end, as every human body functions differently, we cannot expect the same thing to work the same for everyone.

Addressing Common Misconceptions about Preventing Male Pattern Baldness.

1- Regular hair cuts will make your hair grow faster and healthier.

2- Wearing hats aids in hair loss.

3- Hair loss is caused by poor blood circulation in the scalp.

These points, along with some others, are responsible for your MBP according to some people. When it is not valid, yes there can be factors that increase the speed of your hair loss when you are already suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.

Preventing Male Pattern Baldness.

Now let's stop the sad talk and get to the cure. Let's dive into the prevention and the cure part. There are a lot of methods and treatments which are recommended by doctors and specialists to prevent hair loss from happening and aiding to the growth of your hair. Now again there are specific tips which can work for you.

1- If your hair loss is happening because of an absolute deficiency then finding it out and taking supplements to cover that deficiency can do wonders for your hair loss as in some instances that is the main reason behind your hair loss.

2- Stress plays a massive role in making your hair fall worse or even at starting your hair loss. If you are stressed more often, then it is recommended to you to visit a professional because stress has a lot of adverse effects on your body.

Are you suffering from Male Pattern Baldness?

If it is normal for people to lose 100 to 150 hair each day how to know if what you are experiencing is male pattern baldness or average hair loss? It is indeed a good question, and now for this, you have to look for the signs. If the hair loss you are experiencing starts from your temples or your crown area, it is probably male pattern baldness.

Some men go bald from the crown area of their head to the front. At the same time, others experience hair fall in the form of the "M" from their temples.  In some cases, this is so worse that the hair loss does not stop until there is no hair left to fall.

If your hair is falling excessively when you shower or brush your hair, then it is probably it is male pattern Baldness. But this immense hair loss needs to be happening for at least a week to be alarmed as the hair fall can be a reason for you having a wrong sleep schedule over the past few days or something. If your hair loss does not stop or reduce within a few days, you need to see a specialist as soon as possible.

How to Address your Male Pattern Baldness?

As you already know, male pattern baldness can only be prevented or delayed; it cannot be cured. Hence, if you have already lost the right amount of hair and your hair loss is visible, then there is one option that can save you from the horror of looking bald, old, and boring: Hair Replacement Systems. These hair replacement systems are known to be the savior for the men suffering from MPB as they are designed on custom for you to hide your bald spots mix them in your natural hair get a sexy looking hair cut and rock your world.



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