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What's the Advantage of V-loop Technique for Skin Hair Systems?

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There is one question that a lot of people ask during the consultations and the question is do you use v-loop all over the base? I want v-loop. Well, is V-loop the best technique for skin hair toupee? The answer is actually No. Why is that? Read on to find out.

V-loop is a technique that is used solely on ultra thin or super thin skin bases. The hair is looped onto a skin base like a V shape.

Hair with v-loop technique truly offers the best natural looking hairline. So here at LaVivid, we use v-loop technique in the front hairline section. The below picture is our Eros 0.02mm ultra thin skin hair system, the hair is v-looped on the base, so it looks super natural all over the base. No knots can be seen on the base. However, this Eros system only can last 2-3 months if you take good care of it. Firstly because the base is so thin, that it is very delicate. Secondly, it is because that v-looped hair is more likely to shed than other ventilation methods.

The hair is just looped into the base and use another layer of polyurethane to secure the hair root. This is why v-looped hair is easier to get loose and fall.

Take our Mirage hair system as an example, the hair in the front 1/8’’ base is v-looped while the hair is knotted for the rest of the base. V-loop is used in the front hairline to create the best looking hairline while the knotted hair in the back is much stronger and wont shed so much as v-looped hair.

Everything has two sides of it, however, if it is used correctly and in the right place, it can perform its best function.

All in all, v-looped hair is good while it is in the front hairline instead of on the whole base. If you are a perfectionist who wants the hair looks perfectly everywhere on the base, then you can choose all base v-looped techniques while at the same time you need to accept the fact that it doesnt last that long.

If you have any other questions about mens hair systems, feel free to contact us at and we are more than happy to help you out.




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